The Courage To Heal Third Edition Revised And Expanded

Author : Ellen Bass
ISBN : 9780060950668
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 50.49 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Provides self-help guidelines, a resource guide, and an analysis of "false memory" syndrome to women who have been sexually abused as children
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Your Life After Trauma Powerful Practices To Reclaim Your Identity

Author : Michele Rosenthal
ISBN : 9780393710878
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 24.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Restoring your sense of self after trauma. “In 1981 as a thirteen-year-old child I was given a routine antibiotic for a routine infection and suffered anything but a routine reaction. An undiscovered allergy to the medication turned me into a full-body burn victim almost overnight. By the time I was released from the hospital I had lost 100% of my epidermis. Even more importantly, I had completely lost myself.” Now a professional coach who specializes in helping trauma victims rebuild their lives, Michele Rosenthal struggled with the effects of medically-induced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for over 25 years before reaching a full recovery. Today, she is 100% free of symptoms of PTSD. In this book, she applies her personal experience and professional wisdom to offer readers an invaluable roadmap to overcoming their own trauma, in particular the loss of sense of self that often accompanies it. If you suffer from the effects of trauma or PTSD, whether it was caused by a single-incident like a car accident, or from chronic childhood abuse, domestic violence, illness, or war trauma, you are well aware of how disconnected you feel from the person you most deeply wish to be. Trauma interrupts—even hijacks—your identity. To cope, you may rely on mechanisms to keep your emotions, triggers, and responses in check, but these very habits can often prevent the true restoration of safety, stability, and inner connection. How can you rediscover your sense of self so that you honor who you were before the trauma (even if that trauma began at birth), understand who you are at this very moment, and determine who you want to be going forward? Like a therapist in your back pocket, Your Life After Trauma guides you in finding answers to these tough questions. Expertly written by a helping professional who keenly understands the post-trauma identity crisis that is so common among trauma and PTSD sufferers, it is a simple, practical, hands-on recovery workbook. Filled with self-assessment questionnaires, exercises, tips, and tools—not to mention insightful personal and professional vignettes—it takes readers through a step-by-step process of healing the identity crisis, from understanding some of the basic brain science behind trauma and why you feel the way you do, to recognizing who you were (or had the potential to be) before the trauma, who you are today, after the trauma, and who you want to become. With this book by your side, it is possible to regain a sense of calm, confidence, and control on your road to recovery.
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The Mother Daughter Project

Author : SuEllen Hamkins
ISBN : 9781440623196
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Ten years ago, SuEllen Hamkins, MD, and Renée Schultz, MA, created the Mother- Daughter Project with other women in their community, hoping to strengthen their bonds with their then seven-year-old girls. The group met regularly to speak frankly about such issues as friendships and aggression, puberty, body image, drugs, and sexuality. The results were amazing: confident, assertive teenage girls with strong self-images and close ties to their moms. Equally important, the mothers navigated their own concerns about adolescence with integrity and grace. This book details the success of the Project’s groundbreaking model, providing the reader with a road map for staying close with her own daughter through adolescence and beyond.
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Society Against Itself

Author : Howard S. Schwartz
ISBN : 9781855757639
Genre : Psychology
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"Society Against Itself is in the tradition of psychodynamically based culture criticism from Sigmund Freud to Weston La Barre and M.D. Faber. Professor Schwarts refutes the widely held ideology of political correctness (PC) while he explores its appeal. He shows that, far from enriching democracy, PC sabotages it."-Howard F. Stein, PhD, Professor and Special Assistant to the Chair, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA. "Building upon careful case studies of self-destructive behavior in several familiar organizations in the U.S.-Including Harvard University, the Ford Motor Company, the United Church of Christ, Antioch College, the New York Times, and the Cincinnati Police Department-Howard Schwartz shows how the anti-Oedipal moral tyranny of political correctness turns organizations against themselves by overvaluing the female and motherly concern for equal love and undervaluing the male and fatherly concern for achievement and rational order."-Lloyd Sandelands, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Professor of Management and Organization, University of Michigan, USA
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Gay Affirmative Therapy For The Straight Clinician The Essential Guide

Author : Joe Kort
ISBN : 9780393707533
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 89.93 MB
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All the answers straight clinicians need to work effectively with gay and lesbian clients. It has been over three decades since the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality as a category of deviant behavior from the DSM. Same-sex marriage is recognized in certain states, gay-straight alliances are springing up in high schools across the country, and major religious denominations are embracing gay clergy. Yet despite the sea change of attitudes toward homosexuality, many well-meaning straight therapists are still at a loss as to how to effectively counsel their gay and lesbian clients. This book will offer straight therapists the tools they need to counsel gay and lesbian clients effectively.
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Women Who Love Sex

Author : Gina Ogden
ISBN : 0834825694
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Wonderful sex does more than melt both body and soul; it brings power, energy, and deep satisfaction to all aspects of our lives. In this unique book, women who consider themselves highly sexually responsive talk in intimate detail about what gives them the greatest pleasure. They redefine sex—based on how women really experience sexual pleasure—confirming what every woman knows instinctively, while creating a new language that every woman will understand. Based on extensive one-on-one interviews conducted by Dr. Ogden with hundreds of women, this thought-provoking, wise, and unprecedented book transforms how we view sex by giving us new ways to think about sexual pleasure. To learn more about the author, Gina Ogden, go to
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Lost Girls Was Kostet Ein Leben

Author : Angela Marsons
ISBN : 9783492978248
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 55.53 MB
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Als die Freundinnen Charlie und Amy nicht nach Hause kommen, beginnt für ihre Familien ein wahrer Albtraum. Eine SMS lässt wahr werden, was alle befürchteten: Die zwei neunjährigen Mädchen wurden entführt. Nur das Paar, das den höchsten Betrag zahlt, wird seine Tochter wiedersehen. Das andere nicht. Längst tickt die Uhr für Detective Inspector Kim Stone und ihr Team, doch die Täter sind ihr immer einen Schritt voraus. Von Stunde zu Stunde verringert sich die Chance, die beiden unversehrt zu ihren Familien zurückzubringen. Stone gibt ihr Äußerstes, um den Fall zu lösen. Sonst muss eines der Kinder den höchsten Preis für ihr Versagen zahlen – sein Leben.
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Der Rosie Effekt

Author : Graeme Simsion
ISBN : 9783104032207
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81.37 MB
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Nach dem Mega- Bestseller ›Das Rosie-Projekt‹ geht es weiter! In Graeme Simsions romantischer Komödie ›Der Rosie-Effekt‹ entdeckt Don Tillman, unser Traummann der Herzen, die Liebe in der Ehe. O Baby! Für Don, den unwahrscheinlichsten romantischen Helden, den es je gab, geht’s nach dem Happy-End geht’s erst richtig los. Don Tillmans »Ehefrau-Projekt« hat geklappt. Er lebt mit Rosie in New York. Und Rosie ist schwanger. Don will natürlich der brillanteste werdende Vater aller Zeiten sein, stürzt sich in die Forschung und entwickelt einen wissenschaftlich exakten Schwangerschafts-Zeitplan für Rosie. Aber seine ungewöhnlichen Recherchemethoden führen erstmal dazu, dass er verhaftet wird. Was Rosie auf keinen Fall erfahren darf, um ihre Beziehung nicht zu belasten. Also muss Don improvisieren, seinen Freund Gene einspannen und Lydia, die Sozialarbeiterin, davon überzeugen, dass er ein Superdad sein wird. Bei alledem übersieht er fast das Wichtigste: seine Liebe zu Rosie und die Gefahr, sie genau dann zu verlieren, wenn sie ihn am meisten braucht.
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