Motivation Und Pers Nlichkeit

Author : Abraham H. Maslow
ISBN : 3499173956
Genre : Humanistische Psychologie
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Abraham H. Maslow gehörte zusammen mit Carl R. Rogers und Erich Fromm zu den Begründern und wichtigsten Vertretern der Humanistischen Psychologie. Seine Motivationstheorie, die das menschliche Handeln aus gestuften Bedürfnissen heraus erklärt, geht von einem ganzheitlichen positiven Menschenbild aus. Der letzten Stufe liegt eine geistige Zielsetzung zugrunde, die erst die eigentliche befriedigende Selbstverwirklichung ermöglicht.
Category: Humanistische Psychologie

Faith Physics And Psychology

Author : John Fitzgerald Medina
ISBN : 1931847304
Genre : Philosophy
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In "Faith Physics and Psychology," John Fitzgerald Medina offers a new understanding of the important role of religion and spirituality in the building of a global society.
Category: Philosophy

Max Wertheimer And Gestalt Theory

Author : D. Brett King
ISBN : 0765802589
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The ideas of Max Wertheimer (1880-1943), a founder of Gestalt theory, are discussed in almost all general books on the history of psychology, and in most introductory textbooks on psychology. This intellectual biography of Wertheimer is the first book-length treatment of a scholar whose ideas are recognized as of central importance to fields as varied as social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, problem solving, art, and visual neuroscience. King and Wertheimer trace the origins of Gestalt thought, demonstrating its continuing importance in fifteen chapters and several supplements to these chapters. They begin by reviewing Wertheimer's ancestry, family, and childhood in central Europe, and his formal education. They elaborate on his activities during the period in which he developed the ideas that were later to become central to Gestalt psychology, documenting the formal emergence of this school of thought and tracing its development during World War I. The maturation of the Gestalt school at the University of Berlin during 1922-29 is discussed in detail. Wertheimer's everyday life in America during his last decade is well documented, based in part on his son's recollections. The early reception of Gestalt theory in the United States is examined, with extensive references to articles in professional journals and periodicals. Wertheimer's relationships and interaction with three prominent psychologists of the time, Edwin Boring, Clark Hull, and Alexander Luria, are discussed, based on previosly unpublished correspondence. The final chapters discuss Wertheimer's essays on democracy, freedom, ethics, and truth, detail personal challenges Wertheimer faced during his last years. His major work, published after his death, is Productive Thinking. Its reception is examined, and a concluding chapter considers recent responses to Max Wertheimer and Gestalt theory. This intellectual biography will be of interest to psychologists and readers interested in science, modern European history, and the Holocaust. D. Brett King is senior instructor of psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Colorado at Boulder. Michael Wertheimer is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Colorado at Boulder.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Experiencing Flow In Jazz Performance

Author : Elina Hytönen-Ng
ISBN : 9781317137764
Genre : Music
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The term 'flow' refers to experiences where the musician moves into a consciousness in which time seems to be suspended and perception of reality is blurred by unconscious forces. An essential part of the jazz tradition, which often serves as the foundation of the musician's identity, flow is recognised within the greater jazz community as a critical factor in accomplished musicianship. Flow as a concept is so deeply embedded in the scene that these experiences are not generally discussed. It contributes to the musicians' work motivation, providing a vital level of satisfaction and accomplishment. The power of the experience, consciously or unconsciously, has given rise to the creation of heroic images, in which jazz musicians are seen as being bold, yet vulnerable, strong and masculine, but still capable of expressing emotions. In this discourse, musicians are pictured as people constantly putting themselves on the line, exposing themselves and their hearts to one another as well as to the audience. Heroic profiles are richly constructed within the jazz scene, and their incorporation into narratives of flow suggests that such images are inseparable from jazz. It is thus unclear how far the musicians are simply reporting personal experience as opposed to unconsciously perpetuating a profoundly internalised mythology. Drawing on eighteen interviews conducted with professional jazz musicians from around the world, Elina Hytönen-Ng examines the fundamentals of the phenomenon of flow in jazz that has led to this genre's popularity. Furthermore, she draws on how flow experiences are viewed and constructed by jazz musicians, the meanings they attach to it, and the quality of music that it inspires.
Category: Music

Psychologie Des Massen

Author : Gustave Le Bon
ISBN : 9791029900112
Genre : Psychology
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"Das Überraschendste an einer psychologischen Masse ist: welcher Art auch die einzelnen sein mögen, die sie bilden, wie ähnlich oder unähnlich ihre Lebensweise, Beschäftigungen, ihr Charakter oder ihre Intelligenz ist, durch den bloßen Umstand ihrer Umformung zu Masse besitzen sie eine Art Gemeinschaftsseele, vermöge deren sie in ganz andrer Weise fühlen, denken und handeln, als jedes von ihnen für sich fühlen, denken und handeln würde. Es gibt gewisse Ideen und Gefühle, die nur bei den zu Massen verbundenen einzelnen auftreten oder sich in Handlungen umsetzen." G. Le Bon
Category: Psychology

Existenzielle Psychotherapie

Author : Irvin D. Yalom
ISBN : 3926176199
Genre :
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Mit einem Vowort des Autors zur neuen deutschen Ausgabe: "25 Jahre Existenzielle Psychotherapie" und einem Interview mit Irvin Yalom von Ulfried Geuter: "Sich berühren lassen" Der Klassiker des weltberühmten Therapeuten und Autors liegt endlich in einer überarbeiteten Fassung vor. (Quelle:

Toward A Transpersonal Ecology

Author : Warwick Fox
ISBN : 0791427757
Genre : Nature
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In this book I advance an argument concerning the nature of the deep ecology approach to ecophilosophy. In order to advance this argument in as thorough a manner as possible, I present it within the context of a comprehensive overview of the writings on deep ecology.
Category: Nature

A More Perfect Union

Author : Linda Sargent Wood
ISBN : 9780199922888
Genre : History
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This book uncovers a holistic sensibility in post-World War II American culture that challenged Cold War logic and fed some of the century's most powerful social movements. This impulse is illustrated by focusing on Rachel Carson, Buckminster Fuller, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Maslow, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and the Esalen Institute.
Category: History