The Fight To Vote

Author : Michael Waldman
ISBN : 9781501116490
Genre : History
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From the beginning, and at every step along the way, as Americans sought to right to vote, others have fought to stop them. Waldman traces the full story from the founders' debates to today's challenges: a wave of restrictive voting laws, partisan gerrymanders, the flood of campaign money unleashed by Citizens United. The result is a compelling story of our struggle to uphold our most fundamental democratic ideals.
Category: History

Fannie Lou Hamer And The Fight For The Vote

Author : Penny Colman
ISBN : UOM:39015029900563
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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A biography of the civil rights activist who devoted her life to helping blacks register to vote and gain a national political voice.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Waiting For The Cemetery Vote

Author : Tom Glaze
ISBN : 9781610754804
Genre : History
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Waiting for the Cemetery Vote begins with an overview chapter of Arkansas election fraud since the nineteenth century and then moves on to more specific examples of fraudulent activities over a dozen or so years that coincide with the onset of the modern progressive era in Arkansas. Author Tom Glaze, who was a trial lawyer battling election fraud during this time, is the ideal chronicler for this topic, bringing a memoirist's intimate insight together with a wealth of historical knowledge. Glaze describes the manipulation of absentee ballots and poll-tax receipts; votes cast by the dead, children, and animals; forgeries of ballots from nursing homes; and threats to body or livelihood made to anyone who would dare question these activities or monitor elections. Deceptive practices used to control election results were disturbingly brazen in the gubernatorial elections in the 1960s and were especially egregious in Conway and Searcy Counties in the 1970s and in special elections for the state senate in Faulkner, Conway, and Van Buren Counties. A clean-election movement began in the early 1970s, led not by party or political leaders but by individual citizens. These vigilant and courageous Arkansans undertook to do what their public institutions persistently failed to: insure that elections for public office were honest and that the will of the people was scrupulously obliged. Prominent and colorful among these groups was a small band of women in Conway County who dubbed themselves the "Snoop Sisters" and took on the long-established corrupt machine of Sheriff Marlin Hawkins. Written with longtime Arkansas political writer Ernie Dumas and illustrated with cartoons from the inimitable George Fisher, Waiting for the Cemetery Vote will be an entertaining and informative read for any Arkansas history and politics buffs.
Category: History

Fight For The Vote

Author : Karen Wallace
ISBN : 0749646020
Genre : Children's stories
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The successful Sparks series looks at major events in British history through the eyes of fictional and real-life characters. Each book takes the form of a lively and exciting narrative, which contains a lot of interesting information about each event. The Iron Ship. Brunel's iron ship is stuck high on a beach by Maeve's home. She doesn't realise it, but the great ship is to change her life forever. The Fight for the Vote. Kitty's birthday treat is a trip to the seaside and lunch at a hotel. But when she arrives, a group of suffragettes is protesting outside the hotel, and one of them looks very familiar. Boudicca Fights Back. Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, is furious. She has been insulted by the Romans and has decided she is going to war. Callie's task is to go into Camulodunum and stir up fear and confusion among the Romans. But she's just one small girl against a city of invaders.
Category: Children's stories

Alice Paul And The Fight For Women S Rights

Author : Deborah Kops
ISBN : 9781629797953
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Here is the story of extraordinary leader Alice Paul, from the woman suffrage movement—the long struggle for votes for women—to the “second wave,” when women demanded full equality with men. Paul made a significant impact on both. She reignited the sleepy suffrage moment with dramatic demonstrations and provocative banners. After women won the vote in 1920, Paul wrote the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which would make all the laws that discriminated against women unconstitutional. Passage of the ERA became the rallying cry of a new movement of young women in the 1960s and ’70s. Paul saw another chance to advance women’s rights when the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 began moving through Congress. She set in motion the “sex amendment,” which remains a crucial legal tool for helping women fight discrimination in the workplace. Includes archival images, author’s note, bibliography, and source notes.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Suffragettes And The Fight For The Vote

Author : Sarah Ridley
ISBN : 1445152614
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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This book tells the story of the campaign to get women the vote in Britain through significant objects. From photos of key people in the campaign through ephemera such as force-feeding equipment, banners and medallions, Sarah Ridley brings the story to life. Beginning by looking at the role of women in the 19th Century and ending with the continuing struggle for equal rights for women in all parts of society, this is an essential read for young people aged 10 plus to understand the history of the women's movement on suffrage. It includes the suffragists' campaign. The book is published ahead of 2018 - a landmark year that marks the centenary of the Representation of the People Act. This finally gave the vote to some women for the first time (women over 30, who owned property) and also gave the vote to all men (up until then, only about two-thirds of men had the vote). The Houses of Parliament are celebrating this centenary with their 'Vote 100' project. 2018 will also be the 90th anniversary of women gaining full voting equality with men in 1928.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Suffragists In Literature For Youth

Author : Shelley Mosley
ISBN : 0810853728
Genre : Fiction
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A resource text to the available literature for youth on the topic of woman's suffrage offer biographies of fifty key figures and an extensive, annotated list of print, nonprint, and electronic resources.
Category: Fiction

American Indians And The Fight For Equal Voting Rights

Author : Laughlin McDonald
ISBN : 9780806186009
Genre : History
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The struggle for voting rights was not limited to African Americans in the South. American Indians also faced discrimination at the polls and still do today. This book explores their fight for equal voting rights and carefully documents how non-Indian officials have tried to maintain dominance over Native peoples despite the rights they are guaranteed as American citizens. Laughlin McDonald has participated in numerous lawsuits brought on behalf of Native Americans in Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming. This litigation challenged discriminatory election practices such as at-large elections, redistricting plans crafted to dilute voting strength, unfounded allegations of election fraud on reservations, burdensome identification and registration requirements, lack of language assistance, and noncompliance with the Voting Rights Act. McDonald devotes special attention to the VRA and its amendments, whose protections are central to realizing the goal of equal political participation. McDonald describes past and present-day discrimination against Indians, including land seizures, destruction of bison herds, attempts to eradicate Native language and culture, and efforts to remove and in some cases even exterminate tribes. Because of such treatment, he argues, Indians suffer a severely depressed socioeconomic status, voting is sharply polarized along racial lines, and tribes are isolated and lack meaningful interaction with non-Indians in communities bordering reservations. Far more than a record of litigation, American Indians and the Fight for Equal Voting Rights paints a broad picture of Indian political participation by incorporating expert reports, legislative histories, newspaper accounts, government archives, and hundreds of interviews with tribal members. This in-depth study of Indian voting rights recounts the extraordinary progress American Indians have made and looks toward a more just future.
Category: History


Author : Fredrik Liljeblad
ISBN : 9781602791978
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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The foundation of democracy is the vote of the people. The history of voting in the United States and some of the interesting results are recapped in this book.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction