Die Einzige Weltmacht

Author : Zbigniew Brzezinski
ISBN : 3596143586
Genre : Eurasia
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Die Einzige Weltmacht

Author : Zbigniew Brzezinski
ISBN : 3886793036
Genre : Eurasia
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The Grand Chessboard

Author : Zbigniew Brzezinski
ISBN : 9780465093083
Genre : Political Science
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In The Grand Chessboard, renowned geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski delivers a brutally honest and provocative vision for American preeminence in the twenty-first century. The task facing the United States, he argues, is to become the sole political arbiter in Eurasian lands and to prevent the emergence of any rival power threatening our material and diplomatic interests. The Eurasian landmass, home to the greatest part of the globe's population, natural resources, and economic activity, is the “grand chessboard” on which America's supremacy will be ratified and challenged in the years to come. In this landmark work of public policy and political science, Brzezinski outlines a groundbreaking and powerful blueprint for America's vital interests in the modern world. In a revised edition with a new epilogue, Brzezinski brings his seminal work up to date with commentary on the latest global developments, including the war in Ukraine, the re-emergence of Russia, and the rise of China.
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Author : Dirk Müller
ISBN : 9783426419892
Genre : Business & Economics
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Dirk Müller – »Mr. Dax«, Bestsellerautor, Deutschlands populärster Wirtschaftserklärer – schildert den zweiten Akt des Währungs- und Wirtschaftsdramas, das seinen Schauplatz längst von den USA nach Europa verlagert hat. Er rekapituliert die fundamentalen Fehlentscheidungen bei der Konstruktion des Euro, zeigt auf, welche Triebkräfte am Werk waren, wer Profit daraus zog und wer heute ein massives Interesse am Zerfall eines starken europäischen Währungs- und Wirtschaftsraumes hat. Denn die aktuelle Krise ist nicht nur das Ergebnis maßloser Staatsschulden, sie ist auch Ausdruck eines amerikanisch-europäischen Wirtschaftskrieges, der hinter den Kulissen tobt. Müller zeigt, welche Möglichkeiten Europa und Deutschland offenstehen, er benennt Chancen und Gefahren. Für die Taschenbuchausgabe hat Dirk Müller seinen "Spiegel"-Bestseller erweitert und aktualisiert um ein grundlegendes Kapitel zum Konflikt zwischen den USA, Europa und Russland um die Ukraine. Ein Buch, dessen Brisanz täglich neu bestätigt wird.
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Author : Natylie Baldwin
ISBN : 0996174079
Genre : International relations
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The truth on the Ukraine crisis that the US government and US Oligarchs would prefer you not know. However, after reading Ukraine: ZBIG s Grand Chessboard & How the West Was Checkmated you will be provided with all that you need to know to track the lies, failures, and impeding fiascoes currently being generated by the West."
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Europe And The United States

Author : Franz Oswald
ISBN : 0275989755
Genre : Political Science
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Analyzes the emergence of Europe as a strategic actor on the global stage, with its own crisis management capabilities, and the recasting of roles in a new transatlantic security partnership.
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Land Und Meer

Author : Carl Schmitt
ISBN : 3608941975
Genre : Geopolitics
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Terror And Territory

Author : Stuart Elden
ISBN : 9780816654833
Genre : Political Science
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Today's global politics demands a new look at the concept of territory. From so-called deterritorialized terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda to U.S.-led overthrows of existing regimes in the Middle East, the relationship between territory and sovereignty is under siege. Unfolding an updated understanding of the concept of territory, Stuart Elden shows how the contemporary "war on terror" is part of a widespread challenge to the connection between the state and its territory. Although the importance of territory has been disputed under globalization, territorial relations have not come to an abrupt end. Rather, Elden argues, the territory/sovereignty relation is being reconfigured. Traditional geopolitical analysis is transformed into a critical device for interrogating hegemonic geopolitics after the Cold War, and is employed in the service of reconsidering discourses of danger that include "failed states," disconnection, and terrorist networks. Looking anew at the "war on terror"; the development and application of U.S. policy; the construction and demonization of rogue states; events in Lebanon, Somalia, and Pakistan; and the wars continuing in Afghanistan and Iraq, Terror and Territory demonstrates how a critical geographical analysis, informed by political theory and history, can offer an urgently needed perspective on world events.
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