The Immigration Crucible

Author : Philip Kretsedemas
ISBN : 9780231157605
Genre : Law
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Explores recent trends in U.S. immigration policy, the rise in extralegal state power over the course of the 20th century, and discourses on race, nation and cultural difference that have influenced the policy on immigration, as well as the recent expansion of local immigration law, including the controversial Arizona law. Simultaneous. Hardcover available.
Category: Law

The Crucible

Author : Yay Panlilio
ISBN : 0813548209
Genre : Social Science
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On December 8, 1941, as the Pacific War reached the Philippines, Yay Panlilio, a Filipina-Irish American, faced a question with no easy answer: How could she contribute to the war? In this 1950 memoir, The Crucible: An Autobiography by Colonel Yay, Filipina American Guerrilla, Panlilio narrates her experience as a journalist, triple agent, leader in the Philippine resistance against the Japanese, and lover of the guerrilla general Marcos V. Augustin. From the war-torn streets of Japanese-occupied Manila, to battlegrounds in the countryside, and the rural farmlands of central California, Panlilio blends wry commentary, rigorous journalistic detail, and popular romance. Weaving together appearances by Douglas MacArthur and Carlos Romulo with dangerous espionage networks, this work provides an insightful perspective on the war. The Crucible invites readers to see new intersections in Filipina/o, Asian American, and American literature studies, and Denise Cruz's introduction imparts key biographical, historical, and cultural contexts to that purpose.
Category: Social Science

The Ethnic Crucible

Author : Gajendra Verma
ISBN : 9780415694575
Genre : Education
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Many schools in developed countries have children and adolescents from a variety of ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural backgrounds. They relate to each other in various degrees of encounter that range from harmony to hostility. The issue of how a school can foster inter-ethnic relationships and challenge the manifestations of bad relationships cannot of course be divorced from tensions and inequalities in the wider society. This book focuses on ways in which schools might make a difference to the quality of such relationships within their walls. It has sought to do this by studying nine secondary schools in some depth: their organisation, structures and interactive processes: and the experiences, attitudes and behaviour of students and their teachers. The research on which the book is based has also yielded data on the influence of policy and procedure in schools on relationships.
Category: Education

American Crucible

Author : Gary Gerstle
ISBN : 0691102775
Genre : History
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This sweeping history of 20th-century America follows the changing and often conflicting ideas about the fundamental nature of American society. Gary Gerstle traces the forces of civic and racial nationalism, arguing that both profoundly shaped America.
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Author : Arthur Miller
ISBN : 3596271088
Genre :
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The Cambridge Companion To Jewish American Literature

Author : Hana Wirth-Nesher
ISBN : 0521796997
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The Cambridge Companion to Jewish American Literature discusses Jewish American literature in relation to ethnicity, religion, politics, and race.
Category: Literary Criticism

Some Factors Influencing Postwar Emigration From The Netherlands

Author : W. Petersen
ISBN : 9789401174978
Genre : History
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As Mr Petersen points out in this study, since the war there has been a very strong belief in the Netherlands that emigration is necessary. Even those who never before occupied themselves with these matters now speak of the large natural increase, the overpopulation, and the lack of opportunities in the Netherlands. Thousands are considering the possibility of leaving their home land and creating a new existence for themselves overseas. It is a mistake to suppose, however, that these ideas stem from the special demographic and economic conditions that arose in the Netherlands since the war; the opposite is the case. From this point of view, there has never been less reason for emigrating during the past decades than in these postwar years. As far as the demographic situation is concerned, by 1930 the natural increase had decreased markedly as compared with the preceding decades, so that the number of young persons entering the labor market after the war has been relatively small. On the other hand, there have been more openings in industry and in other sectors of the economy than ever before, so that unemploy ment pretty much disappeared. Only in 1951 did it again become at all significant.
Category: History

Out Of The Crucible

Author : Dennis C. Dickerson
ISBN : 0887063055
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book examines in depth the century-long struggle of Black laborers in the iron and steel industry of western Pennsylvania. In the process it shows how the fate of these Black workers mirrors the contemporary predicament of the Black working class and the development of a chronically unemployed underclass in America s declining industrial centers. Dickerson argues that persistent racial discrimination within heavy industry and the decline of major industries during the 1970s are key to understanding the social and economic situation of twentieth-century urban Blacks. Through a blend of historical research and contemporary interviews, this study chronicles the struggle of Black steelworkers to gain equality in the industry and the setbacks suffered as American steelmaking succumbed to foreign competition and antiquated modes of production. The plight of western Pennsylvania s Black steelworkers reflects that of Black laborers in Chicago, Gary, Detroit, Cleveland, Youngstown, Birmingham, and other major American cities where heavy industry once flourished."
Category: Business & Economics

A Student Handbook To The Plays Of Arthur Miller

Author : Alan Ackerman
ISBN : 9781408185681
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 89.96 MB
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A Student Handbook to the Plays of Arthur Miller provides the essential guide to Miller's most studied and revived dramas. Authored by a team of leading scholars, it offers students a clear analysis and detailed commentary on five of Miller's plays: All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, A View from the Bridge and Broken Glass. A consistent framework of analysis ensures that whether readers want a summary of the play, a commentary on the themes or characters, or a discussion of the work in performance, they can readily find what they need to develop their understanding and aid their appreciation of Miller's artistry. A chronology of Miller's life and work helps to situate his oeuvre in context and the introduction reinforces this by providing a clear overview of his writing, its recurrent themes and how these are intertwined with his life and times. For each play the author provides a summary of the plot, followed by commentary on the context, themes, characters, structure and language, and the play in production - both on stage and screen adaptations; there are questions for further study and detailed notes on words and phrases in the text. The wealth of authoritative and clear commentary on each play, together with further questions that encourage comparison across Miller's work and related plays by other leading writers, ensures that this is the clearest and fullest guide to Miller's greatest plays.
Category: Literary Criticism

Diaspora And Class Consciousness

Author : Shanshan Lan
ISBN : 9780415890366
Genre : Social Science
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This book is an ethnographic study of the multi-linear process of racial knowledge formation among a relatively invisible population in the Chinese American community in Chicago, namely the working class. Shanshan Lan defines "Chinese immigrant workers" as Chinese immigrants with limited English language skills who work primarily at low-skill, blue-collar service jobs at the extreme margins of U.S. economy. The book moves away from the enclave paradigm by situating the Chinese immigrant experience within the larger context of transnational labor migration and the multiracial transformation of urban U.S. landscape. Through thick ethnographic descriptions, Lan explores Chinese immigrant workers' daily struggles to cope with the disjuncture between race as an American ideological construct and race as a lived experience. The book argues that Chinese immigrant workers' racial learning is not always a matter of personal choice, but is conditioned by structural factors such as the limitation of the Black and white racial binary, the transnational circulation of U.S. racial ideology, the negative influence of prevalent U.S. rhetoric such as multiculturalism and colorblindness, and class differentiations within the Chinese American community.
Category: Social Science