The Knights Templar In The New World

Author : William F. Mann
ISBN : 9781594776175
Genre : History
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Uses the principles of sacred geometry, archaeological evidence, and Native American legend to discover the site of a secret Templar settlement in Nova Scotia • Offers evidence that Scottish prince Henry Sinclair not only sailed to the New World 100 years before Columbus, but that he also established a refuge there for the Templars fleeing persecution • Shows that the Grail, the holy bloodline connecting the House of David to the Merovingian dynasty through Jesus and Mary Magdalene, was hidden in the New World In 1398, almost 100 years before Columbus arrived in the New World, the Scottish prince Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, sailed to what is today Nova Scotia, where his presence was recorded by Micmac Indian legends about Glooskap. This was the same Prince Henry Sinclair who offered refuge to the Knights Templar fleeing the persecution unleashed against the order by French king Philip the Fair at the beginning of the 14th century. With evidence from archaeological sites, indigenous legend, and sacred geometry handed down by the Templar order to the Freemasons, author William F. Mann has now rediscovered the site of the settlement established by Sinclair and his Templar followers in the New World. Here they found a safe refuge for the Grail--the holy bloodline connecting the House of David to the Merovingian Dynasty through the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene--until the British exiled all the Acadians in 1755.
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Library Journal

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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.
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Quill Quire

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The Lost Colony Of The Templars

Author : Steven Sora
ISBN : 9781594778704
Genre : History
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Reveals the existence of a Templar colony in the New World and how the explorer Verrazano, also a member of a secret society, attempted to reestablish contact with it • Explores Columbus’s connection to Henry Sinclair’s maps of the New World • Examines the secret alliance of Catholic Sulpicians and French Huguenots to preserve the Templar legacy • Reveals the hidden knowledge preserved in the Templar baptisteries found throughout Europe and in Newport, Rhode Island In 1524 the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazano was sent by the French king Francis I on an expedition ostensibly to find a shorter route to China. However, his true mission, Steven Sora suggests, was to contact a Templar colony that might have been established in Newport, Rhode Island, by Henry Sinclair at the end of the 14th century. In his expedition log Verrazano recorded that his only stay on this journey was at Newport Harbor, the site of a tower built to the exact measurements of a Templar baptistery, a sacred sanctuary representing baptism and eternal life. This tower is a remnant of Sinclair’s voyage to America nearly a century before that of Columbus (who had access to Sinclair’s maps thanks to his wife, who was Sinclair’s great-granddaughter). While Verrazano’s mission succeeded in finding the tower, the colony itself eluded him. His backers then decided to resurrect the dream of Acadia--a place where they could aspire to higher knowledge without fear of Church or state--by creating a new Secret Society that included Huguenots and Catholic Sulpicians. This Company of the Holy Sacrament would lay the foundations for Montreal in an attempt to realize the ambitions of Sinclair and his Templar companions, as well as to stave off efforts by the Jesuits to transform Quebec into a fiefdom of the orthodox Church. Quebec’s motto, “Je me souviens” (I remember), is a reference to this secret history.
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Grail Knights Of North America

Author : Michael Anderson Bradley
ISBN : 0888822030
Genre : True Crime
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A decade ago, Michael Bradley published the Canadian bestseller, Holy Grail Across the Atlantic (Hounslow Press, 1988), presenting the astounding evidence that a European settlement in Canada had been established in Nova Scotia ninety-four years before Columbus and ninety-nine years before John Cabot. Incredibly, mediaeval documents and maps showed that this settlement had been founded by refugee Knights Templar from Scotland - knights who had been created for the sole purpose of guarding the Holy Grail. Bradley presented evidence that these Grail-believing religious refugees and their knightly protectors had been instrumental in discovering, settling, and influencing the development of New France and, later, the fledgling American Republic. The book was automatically ridiculed by conventional North American historians, while at the same time serving as the model for European works (e.g. The Sword and the Grail by Britain's Andrew Sinclair). Michael Bradley's investigation stimulated some serious professional and academic researchers to join his quest to find further evidence of the Knights Templar in Canada and the United States. Now, in 1998, comes the publication of the long-awaited sequel to Holy Grail Across the Atlantic - Grail Knights of North America. Realizing from mediaeval documents that the initial Nova Scotia refuge of AD 1398 must have harboured many Grail believers, and that the secret colony must have expanded, Bradley began to trace evidence of Grail Knights from Nova Scotia, through New Brunswick to the St. Lawrence River, and on to the Great Lakes as far as Niagara, New York State, and central Pennsylvania. Evidence of their presence has been uncovered on both the Canadian and American sides of this great waterway. Bradley poses compelling questions about his discoveries, and offers plausible and provocative answers as we travel with him and his companions (both academic and amateur) along the trail of the Grail Knights of North America.
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Der Zweite Messias

Author : Christopher Knight
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Author : Raymond Khoury
ISBN : 9783644442115
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Tödliche Jagd nach dem Buch der Bücher Konstantinopel 1203: Kreuzritter belagern die Stadt. In der Nacht gelingt einer Gruppe Tempelritter der Ausbruch durch die feindlichen Linien. Doch sie kommen nicht weit. Istanbul 2010: Ein iranischer Archäologe macht eine ungeheuerliche Entdeckung. Und überlebt es nicht. Wenige Tage später wird eine Frau entführt. Nur einer kann sie retten. Er muss dafür brisante Akten stehlen – aus dem geheimsten Bestand der vatikanischen Archive. Und es beginnt eine tödliche Jagd: von einem Kontinent zum anderen, über Gebirge hinweg, bis tief ins Innere der Erde. Die Fortsetzung des Welt-Bestsellers «Scriptum» «Die ununterbrochene Spannung, der wachsende Berg an Toten und der faszinierende historische Hintergrund werden die Leser in ihrem Bann halten.» (Publishers Weekly) «Eine sehr gut konstruierte Mischung aus historischem Mystery und Actionthriller.» (Booklist)
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