The Matter Of The Gods

Author : Clifford Ando
ISBN : 9780520259867
Genre : History
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What did the Romans know about their gods? Why did they perform the rituals of their religion, & what motivated them to change those rituals? Clifford Ando explores the answers to these questions, pursuing a variety of themes essential to the study of religion in history.
Category: History

The Heart Of The Matter

Author : George E. Thompson
ISBN : 9781512765854
Genre : Religion
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The Heart of the Matter does not dance around the fringes of acceptable religion nor is it limited by traditional church thinking. Rather, it peels away the many layers of conventional thought to get down to bedrock truth concerning Christianity and living the Christian life. However, in so doing, it carefully adheres to the absolute truth and authority of scripture. The book puts into perspective who God is and his overall plan for creation and eternal fellowship with his bride. It delves into how each person fits into that plan, offering considerable detail concerning the many issues in establishing a deep relationship with God. Much is said about the biblical significance and importance of maintaining such a close, intimate relationship that God not only demands but earnestly desires. Many practical guidelines are presented regarding God’s design for our lives here on earth—what he would have us think, say, and do; that we are to continue growing; how to deal with gut-wrenching adversity; and that whatever we do is to be for his glory.
Category: Religion

The Quantum Gods

Author : Jeff Love
ISBN : 9780595128679
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Beneath the facade of the ego, beyond the ability of the mind to conceive of it, yet within reach of everyone through direct personal experience, there is a God-like Self, the authentic "I AM" or the Quantum God or Goddess. From the perspective of a Quantum God, life is a co-created reality made of consciousness and a special condition of consciousness called matter. Matter is the medium; being is the message. You and I are the Quantum Gods. The book features: A profusely illustrated introduction to the classical Kabbalah and its Tree of Life "The Creative Law," a practical, seven-step process of creative visualization. It was discovered by applying Kabbalistic principles to decipher the code hidden in the first book of the Old Testament mistakenly entitled Genesis. It is how the Quantum Gods co-create reality. "Psychometaphysics," a radical metaphysical model of reality in the form of a commentary on Kabbalah which relates the scientific view of the world to personal experience "The Enlightenment Intensive," a method of self-inquiry discovered in 1968. It is a Zen-like method utilizing both contemplation and communication to discover first hand the true nature of Self and Life from one's own direct personal experience
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Experience Victory In Life By Recognizing Your Enemy And Knowing Your God

Author : Theresa Lewis
ISBN : 9781456732417
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Whether you realize it or not, God's people are involved in a spiritual battle against the forces of darkness. Satan has come as a thief “To Steal”, “To Kill”, & “To Destroy”. God never intended for His people to be fearful of Satan, his demonic attacks, or threats. Jesus death, burial, and resurrection gave believers victory over Satan and his demonic influences in their lives. Through Jesus life's example we can cast out demons, rebuke Satan, and take authority over the powers of darkness. God has equipped every believer with all the necessary weapons and armor to defeat the enemy. I admonish you to discover the truth through God's word and begin to declare the word over your life so that every chain of bondage, generational curse, bad habit(s), and old mind-sets can be broken off your life.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

You Matter To God

Author : Derek Prince
ISBN : 1441207651
Genre : Religion
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In his clear and accessible signature style, Derek Prince employs his extraordinary understanding of Scripture to lay out the depth of Jesus's great love for individuals and to help them discover their worth. Using powerful biblical teachings on the parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price, Prince helps free readers from guilt, insecurity, fear, and shame, in order to help them realize how incredibly loved they are.
Category: Religion

A Treatise Of Justification

Author : George Downame
ISBN : UCD:31175035145435
Genre : Justification (Christian theology)
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Category: Justification (Christian theology)