The Mesolithic Settlement Of Northern Europe

Author : J. G. D. Clark
ISBN : 9781107419087
Genre : History
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This book, first published in 1936, studies the cultural development of the food-gathering peoples of the western end of the plain of Northern Europe.
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The Technology Of Early Settlement In Northern Europe

Author : Jan Apel
ISBN : 1781795169
Genre : History
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This volume explores technology and communication of the early settlements of Northern Europe. The articles will discuss case studies and present overviews from the early and middle Mesolithic of Northern Europe. Special emphasis will be put on the spatial and temporal transmission of knowledge and culture. This subject addresses themes such as the transmission of specialised knowledge, the generative transmission of knowledge, the understanding of technology as somatic or incorporated culture in human society and the role of pedagogies and teaching in cultural sustainment and transformation. Other papers will discuss the relation between demography and technological developments, as well as the natural and cultural context for the transmission of culture. The understanding of the transmission of technology is, again, closely interrelated to the nature and efficiency of social networks of contact and their social and physical framework. Ultimately these question addresses one of the fundamental issues of our time - how to understand and cope with radical changes. This book provides new and different answers to this great problem of our time.
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Mesolithic Europe

Author : Geoff Bailey
ISBN : 9780521855037
Genre : History
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A pan-European overview of the archaeology of hunter-gatherer societies, written by experts in each region.
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The Ecology Of Early Settlement In Northern Europe

Author : Leif Jonsson
ISBN : 1781795150
Genre : History
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The first volume presents new archaeological and ecological data and analyses on the relation between human subsistence and survival, and the natural history of North-Western Europe throughout the period 10000 - 6000 BC. The volume contains contributions from ecological oriented archaeologists and from the natural sciences, throwing new light on the physical and biotic/ecological conditions of relevance to the earliest settlement. Main themes are human subsistence, subsistence technology, ecology and food availability pertaining to the first humans, and demographic patterns among humans linked to the accessibility of different landscapes.
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The Early Economy And Settlement In Northern Europe

Author : Hans Peter Blankholm
ISBN : 1781795177
Genre : History
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This volume explores economy and settlement of the early post-glacial pioneers of Northern Europe. The articles present overviews and case studies from the Early and Middle Mesolithic of Northern Scandinavia in their wider northern European setting. Given the large geographical and climatic variation - ranging from the temperate over the subarctic to the arctic zones - and rapid and large-scale, early post-glacial changes in topography and ecology across the area, a regional approach is necessary. Special emphasis is placed on how the early pioneer hunter-fisher-gatherers "mapped onto the landscape" - organized their economy and settlement - in order to provide for a broader and deeper understanding of the "big issues" such as why, from where, and how they came into different parts of Northern Scandinavia and in particular how the maritime component of the economy and settlement emerged. Another issue of particular, contemporary human interest is addressed through studies of how the early pioneers coped with rapid and large-scale climatic changes and their impact on living conditions. In addition new methodologies of particular relevance are presented. Based on new analyses and field-work this book brings fresh perspectives and insights to all these important aspects of our early post-glacial past.
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The Cambridge Ancient History

Author : I. E. S. Edwards
ISBN : 0521070511
Genre : History
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The present volume begins with an account of what is known about the remotest geological ages and comprises chapters on the different kinds of evidence concerning man and his physical environment up to the end of the Predynastic Period in Egypt and the parallel stages of development in Mesopotamia, Persia, Anatolia, Palestine, Cyprus, Greece and the Islands. To trace the history of these very early times it is necessary to rely chiefly on material remains, since writing had not then been invented. The text offers a setting against which the cultural progress of the historical epoch can be viewed. Archaeological investigation may be expected to bring to light more evidence to fill some of the present gaps in our knowledge, but already it is clear that the gulf between historical and prehistorical times in much of the ancient world is narrower than was once supposed.
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