The Renaissance In Rome

Author : Charles L. Stinger
ISBN : 0253334918
Genre : History
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From the middle of the fifteenth century a distinctively Roman Renaissance occurred. A shared outlook, a persistent set of intellectual concerns, similar cultural assumptions and a commitment to common ideological aims bound Roman humanists and artists to a uniquely Roman world, different from Florence, Venice, and other Italian and European centers.This book provides the first comprehensive portrait of the Roman Renaissance world. Charles Stinger probes the basic attitudes, the underlying values and the core convictions that Rome's intellectuals and artists experienced, lived for, and believed in from Pope Eugenius IV's reign to the Eternal City in 1443 to the sacking of 1527. He demonstrates that the Roman Renaissance was not the creation of one towering intellectual leader, or of a single identifiable group; rather, it embodied the aspirations of dozens of figures, active over an eighty-year period.Stinger illuminates the general aims and character of the Roman Renaissance. Remaining mindful of the economic, social, and political context--Rome's retarded economic growth, the papacy's increasing entanglement in Italian politics, papal preoccupation with the crusade against the Ottomans, and the effects of papal fiscal and administrative practices--Stinger nevertheless maintains that these developments recede in importance before the cultural history of the period. Only in the context of the ideological and cultural commitments of Roman humanists, artists, and architects can one fully understand the motivation for papal policies. Reality for Renaissance Romans was intricately bound up with the notion of Rome's mythic destiny.The Renaissance in Rome is cultural history at its best. It evokes the moods, myths, images, and symbols of the Eternal City, as they are manifested in the Liturgy, ceremony, festivals, oratory, art, and architecture of Renaissance Rome. Throughout, Stinger focuses on a persistent constellation of fundamental themes: the image of the city of Rome, the restoration of the Roman Church, the renewal of the Roman Empire, and the fullness of time. He describes and analyzes the content, meaning, origin, and implications of these central ideas of Roman Renaissance.This book will prove interesting to both Renaissance and Reformation scholars, as well as to general readers, who may have visited (or plan to visit) Rome and have become fascinated and affected by this extraordinary city. "There is no other book like it in any language," says Renaissance historian John O'Malley. "It presents a coherent view of Roman culture....collects and presents a vast amount of information never before housed under one roof. Anyone who teaches the Italian Renaissance," O'Malley stresses, "will have to know this book."
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The Art Of The Renaissance In Rome 1400 1600

Author : Loren W. Partridge
ISBN : 0131938320
Genre : Art
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"The city of Rome as we know it is largely a creation of the Renaissance, rebuilt from a neglected medieval town under the patronage of two great rival political religious powers: the popes and clergy on the one hand and the Roman nobility on the other. Designed according to the new aesthetics of the Renaissance and the classical principles of symmetry, balance, axiality, and harmony. Rome itself became a work of art. This illuminating new book views a great and ancient city with fresh eyes."--BOOK JACKET.
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The Renaissance In Rome

Author : Loren Partridge
ISBN : 178067029X
Genre : Art
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Rome as we know it is largely a creation of the Renaissance, restructured and risen anew from a neglected medieval town. This book traces the extraordinary works of painting, sculpture, and architecture commissioned by Rome's church and civic nobility as part of their rival bids for power and prestige. With the aid of 118 illustrations, most of them in color, Loren Partridge charts the course of Rome's transformation into the most magnificent showpiece of the Catholic world.
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Copyright In The Renaissance

Author : Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe
ISBN : 9789004137486
Genre : History
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This richly documented study of copyright in sixteenth-century Venice and Rome provides valuable new information about the "privilegio" and the printers, engravers, painters, mapmakers, and others who used it to protect their commercial interests in various types of printed images.
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Letarouilly On Renaissance Rome

Author : Paul Marie Letarouilly
ISBN : 9780486489216
Genre : Architecture
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"Drawn from five large volumes published between 1825 and 1882, this student's edition showcases the architectural splendor of Renaissance Rome for a new generation. Paul Letarouilly's original work constitutes the standard reference, presenting the mostcomplete collection of plans, elevations, and details of great buildings and monuments designed by Michelangelo, Peruzzi, Vignola, Bernini, and many others. "--
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Renaissance Rome

Author : Peter Partner
ISBN : 0520039459
Genre : History
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Diplomacy In Renaissance Rome

Author : Catherine Fletcher
ISBN : 9781107107793
Genre : History
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The first comprehensive study of Renaissance diplomacy for sixty years, focusing on Europe's most important political centre, Rome, between 1450 and 1530.
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Remembering The Renaissance

Author : Kenneth Gouwens
ISBN : 9004109692
Genre : History
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This study, drawing extensively upon manuscript sources, provides the first comprehensive account of how Rome's humanist community coped with the 1527 sack of the city, an event traditionally viewed as signaling the transition from the Renaissance to the Catholic Reformation.
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