The Rosetta Stone

Author : John Ray
ISBN : 9781847650665
Genre : History
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What does the Rosetta Stone tell us about the past? What treasures of Egyptian literature can now be read, thanks to its decipherment? What does it tell us about the history of writing and the story of our own alphabets? How do decipherments work and how can we know if they are right? Who owns the Rosetta Stone and what happens if we start to return pieces of the past to countries who claim them? These are some of the fascinating questions which are explored in this introduction to one of the true Wonders of the World.
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Documents That Changed The Way We Live

Author : Joseph Janes
ISBN : 9781538100349
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Documents are milestones and markers of human activity, part of who and what we are. Our story can be told through the objects, profound and trivial, famous and forgotten, by which we remember and are remembered. Documents That Changed the Way We Live examines dozens of compelling stories that describe these documents; their creation, motivation, influence, importance, historical and social context, provenance; and their connections to contemporary information objects, technologies, and trends. These documents include the following: “Exaltation of Innana,” a Sumerian hymn composed c. 2300 BCE by the high priestess Enheduanna, likely the first known author…of anything The “We Can Do It!” poster everybody knows is Rosie the Riveter calling women to work in the factories in World War II. Except it’s not, and she isn’t Joseph McCarthy’s “list” of Communists that ruined lives and careers, because it was believed - even though it never existed The “He has waged cruel war…” passage on slavery, deleted from the Declaration of Independence The poorly designed Palm Beach County “butterfly ballot,” on which the 2000 U.S. presidential election may have hinged And the lesser-known stories behind the Zapruder Film, the Watergate tapes, the Obama birth certificate, airplane black boxes, Thanksgiving, IQ tests, the Star-Spangled Banner, why Americans spell the way they do, Nobel Prizes, Wikipedia, and how you’re cooking dinner tonight
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New Scientist

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105123094315
Genre : Science
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ISBN : 3447056711
Genre : Coptic philology
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Despite the variety of the temple decoration during the 30. Dynasty, little is known about the theology of funeral rituals and conceptions of the afterlife during the reigns of Nectanebo I and especially during that Nectanebo II. Since the conceptions of the Netherworld during the final period of pharaonic rule has not previously been a topic of detailed study, this thorough examination of sarcophagi and papyri of the Thirtieth Dynasty and early Ptolemaic Period casts new light on the cultural and religious achievements of the Nectanebid Period, particularly in the realm of funerary religion. Not only do the texts of this period exhibit a direct relationship with the Underworld Books of the New Kingdom, but the study shows that they partook of a dynamic textual tradition, which led to new editions and creative interpretations of diffi cult passages, including transcriptions of cryptographic orthographies. Thus at the end of the pharaonic period and during the transition to the Ptolemaic rule, Egyptian theology reveals a final flowering, which demonstrates that one should not characterize the period as a substantial break in theological reflection of the afterlife or a sterile solidification of an ancient textual corpus. Instead the eve of the Graeco- Roman Period is more properly understood as a time of active theological speculation and engagement with the earlier corpus of Underworld Books.
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The Roman Forum

Author : David Watkin, David
ISBN : 9780674063679
Genre : Architecture
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One of the most visited sites in Italy, the Roman Forum is also one of the best-known wonders of the Roman world. David Watkin sheds completely new light on the Forum, examining the roles of the ancient remains while revealing what exactly the standing structures embody - including the rarely studied medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque churches, as well as the nearby monuments that have important histories of their own.
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Piazza San Marco

Author : Iain Fenlon, Iain
ISBN : 9780674063556
Genre : Travel
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The Piazza San Marco, one of the most famous and instantly recognizable townscapes in the West, if not the world, has been described as a stage set, as Europe's drawing room, as a painter's canvas. This book traces the changing shape and function of the piazza, from its beginnings in the ninth century to its present day ubiquity in the Venetian, European, as well as global imagination.
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Ancient West East

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ISBN : STANFORD:36105133538590
Genre : Civilization, Ancient
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Author : Gillian Darley
ISBN : 9780674062801
Genre : Science
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The cataclysm that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD 79 continues to fascinate nearly two thousand years later. Darley’s meditation on a powerful natural wonder touches on pagan beliefs, vulcanology, and travel writing, as it sifts through the ashes of Vesuvius to expose changes in our understanding of cultural and natural environments.
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St Peter S

Author : Keith Miller
ISBN : 9780674026896
Genre : Architecture
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Built by the decree of Constantine, rebuilt by some of the most distinguished architects in Renaissance Italy, emulated by Hitler’s architect in his vision for Germania, immortalized on film by Fellini, and fictionalized by a modern American bestseller, St. Peter’s is the most easily recognizable church in the world. This book is a cultural history of one of the most significant structures in the West. It bears the imprint of Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, Bernini, and Canova. For Grand Tourists of the eighteenth century, St. Peter’s exemplified the sublime. It continues to fascinate visitors today and appears globally as a familiar symbol of the papacy and of the Catholic Church itself.
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Eine Kurze Weltgeschichte F R Junge Leser

Author : Ernst H. Gombrich
ISBN : 9783832186395
Genre : History
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Spannend, pointiert, vielschichtig und kenntnisreich wird die Entwicklung der Menschheit von den Höhlenmenschen bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg geschildert. Ernst H. Gombrichs Weltgeschichte ist längst ein Klassiker geworden.
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