The Sexual Contract

Author : Carole Pateman
ISBN : 9780745680354
Genre : Social Science
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Carole Pateman is one of the foremost political theorists writing in English today. In this outstanding new work, she presents a major reinterpretation of modern political theory. She shows how standard discussions of social contract theory tell only half the story. The sexual contract which establishes modern patriarchy and the political right of men over women is never mentioned. In a wide-ranging and scholarly discussion, Pateman examines the significance of the political fictions of the original contract and the slave contract. She also offers a sweeping challenge to conventional understandings - of both left and right - of actual contracts in everyday life: the marriage contract, the employment contract, the prostitution contract and the new surrogacy contract. By bringing a feminist perspective to bear on the contradictions and paradoxes surrounding women and contract and the relation between the sexes, she is able to shed new light on the fundamental problems of freedom and subordination. The Sexual Contract will become a classic text in the politics of gender and will be of major interest to students of social and political theory and philosophy, women's studies, sociology and jurisprudence.
Category: Social Science

Rewriting The Sexual Contract

Author : Geoff Dench
ISBN : 1412833310
Genre : Social Science
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This book brings together a wide selection of viewpoints on what is happening to relations between the sexes and the sexual division of labor in contemporary society. The contributors look at the ways in which gender relationships are changing, the consequences of these changes for family life and society generally, and the part the state should play in future developments. "Rewriting the Sexual Contract" encompasses the views of people with widely differing orientations, stretching across the moral and political spectrum. The contributors provide varied interpretations of what the recent sexual revolution means and where it may be leading us. The questions discussed include: Are the life-styles of men and women converging or polarizing? Do men and women place the same value on family life? Do most mothers want to work full-time while their children are young? Are families strengthened by a sense of differentiation and interdependence between the sexes? Does social policy need to recognize sexual differences in order to maximize social equality? The contributors represent a wide range of viewpoints, but are all involved in analyzing and influencing public attitudes in this area. They include Carole Pateman, Roger Scruton, Ruth Lister, Fay Weldon, Michael Young, and Barbara Cartland, among others. "Rewriting the Sexual Contract" examines issues pertinent to the current social and political culture and will be of interest to sociologists, gender studies scholars, and political theorists. "Geoff Dench" is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Community Studies and a visiting professor at Middlesex University. He is the author of "Transforming Men and Minorities in the Open Society: Prisoners of Ambivalence.
Category: Social Science

The Contract And Domination

Author : Carole Pateman
ISBN : 9780745636214
Genre : Philosophy
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Contract and Domination offers a bold challenge to contemporary contract theory, arguing that it should either be fundamentally rethought or abandoned altogether. Since the publication of John Rawls's A Theory of Justice, contract theory has once again become central to the Western political tradition. But gender justice is neglected and racial justice almost completely ignored. Carole Pateman and Charles Mills's earlier books, The Sexual Contract (1988) and The Racial Contract (1997), offered devastating critiques of gender and racial domination and the contemporary contract tradition's silence on them. Both books have become classics of revisionist radical democratic political theory. Now Pateman and Mills are collaborating for the first time in an interdisciplinary volume, drawing on their insights from political science and philosophy. They are building on but going beyond their earlier work to bring the sexual and racial contracts together. In Contract and Domination, Pateman and Mills discuss their differences about contract theory and whether it has a useful future, excavate the (white) settler contract that created new civil societies in North America and Australia, argue via a non-ideal contract for reparations to black Americans, confront the evasions of contemporary contract theorists, explore the intersections of gender and race and the global sexual-racial contract, and reply to their critics. This iconoclastic book throws the gauntlet down to mainstream white male contract theory. It is vital reading for anyone with an interest in political theory and political philosophy, and the systems of male and racial domination.
Category: Philosophy

Rewriting The Sexual Contract

Author : Petra Bueskens
ISBN : OCLC:929408657
Genre : Civilization, Modern
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Category: Civilization, Modern

Origin Stories In Political Thought

Author : Joanne Harriet Wright
ISBN : 0802088120
Genre : Philosophy
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Origin stories are a recurring motif in the history of political thought. Presented as narratives that describe the beginnings of politics and power, these stories are among the most provocative and politically contentious means by which Western society organizes and represents its experience. Indeed, as scripts of citizenship, origin stories seek to manufacture consent to a preconceived - and hierarchical - political vision. Joanne H. Wright's Origin Stories in Political Thought examines Plato's Timaeus, Hobbes's story of the state of nature and the social contract, and early Second Wave feminist stories about the beginnings of patriarchal social relations. Using a historically sensitive, feminist methodology, Wright documents and deconstructs the tradition of telling origin stories in the larger history of political thought. Although individual tales have been assessed in current scholarship, the motif of the origin story itself has, until now, escaped systematic analysis. With meticulous research and convincing conclusions, Origin Stories in Political Thought makes a groundbreaking and valuable contribution to both feminist and political studies.
Category: Philosophy

The Post Fordist Sexual Contract

Author : Lisa Adkins
ISBN : 9781137495549
Genre : Social Science
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This collection analyzes shifting relationships between gender and labour in post-Fordist times. Contingency creates a sexual contract in which attachments to work, mothering, entrepreneurship and investor subjectivity are the new regulatory ideals for women over a range of working arrangements, and across classed and raced dimensions.
Category: Social Science

Rejecting Rights

Author : Sonu Bedi
ISBN : 9780521518284
Genre : Law
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Radically rethinks the relationship between liberty and democracy, and identifies the concept of rights as a threat to democratic debate.
Category: Law

Jews And Feminism

Author : Laura Levitt
ISBN : 9781136046469
Genre : Religion
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By interrogating America's promise of a home for Jews as citizens of the liberal state, Jews and Feminism questions the very terms of this social "contract". Maintaining that Jews, women, and Jewish women are not necessarily secure within this construction of the state, Laura Levitt links this contractual construction of belonging and acceptance to legacies of marriage as a contractual home for Jewish women. Exploring the immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe for America, as well as their desire to make this country their permanent home, Levitt raises questions about the search for stability in specific Jewish religious and cultural traditions which is linked to the liberal academy as well as feminist study, thus offering an account of an ambivalent Jewish feminist embrace of America as home.
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Author : P. McLaughlin
ISBN : 9781137034823
Genre : Political Science
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Confusion, controversy and even fear surrounds the political phenomenon of radicalism. This book attempts to make conceptual and historical sense of this phenomenon, both as a kind of practice and as a kind of thought, before defending it in a traditional if unfashionable form: a form that is historically progressive and politically humanistic.
Category: Political Science