The Social Organization Of Work

Author : Randy Hodson
ISBN : 9781111300951
Genre : Family & Relationships
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THE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION OF WORK, Fifth Edition, takes an analytical approach to the study of work that not only identifies and discusses substantive issues but also allows students the opportunity to better develop their analysis, reasoning, and argumentative skills. The authors achieve this by combining their key areas of expertise--industrial sociology, occupations, and professions--to present a unified view of the sociology of work. Chapter topics are organized around the framework of five key themes: technology, global perspectives, class relations, gender, and race. The world of work, how it is changing, and the implications of these changes for individuals and families are thoroughly explored in this contemporary and relevant text. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Sociology Reference Guide

Author : The Editors of Salem Press
ISBN : 1429842873
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The Sociology Reference Guide series is designed to provide a solid foundation for the research of various sociological topics.

Power Profits And Patriarchy

Author : William G. Staples
ISBN : 9781461613244
Genre : History
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Founded in 1791 and in existence for more than two hundred years, the Kenrick iron foundry of West Bromwich, England produced some of the finest cast-iron hardware ever made. William and Clifford Staples' goal in studying the Kenrick case is to examine how taken-for-granted assumptions about class, gender, and familial relations contributed to the longevity of the firm. The authors' investigation uncovers three distinct political regimes of production that they characterize as successive forms of capitalist patriarchy. Indeed, it is contended that the Kenricks were able to maintain their power and their profits, to a great extent, because they were able to use patriarchy to solve pressing organizational problems. By balancing a concern with both the materiality of production and its ideological, cultural, and political moments, this book offers new insights into the nature of production politics, patriarchy, and the historical sociology of capitalism.
Category: History

Social Organization Of Medical Work

Author : Seymour Lipset
ISBN : 9781351489874
Genre : Medical
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Today we face the painful reality of the prevalence of chronic, rather than acute, diseases. The technologies developed to manager long-term, incurable illnesses have radically and irrevocably altered the organizational structure of health care, presenting us with a frequently bewildering array of medical specialties. Social Organization of Medical Work offers essential insight into this new era of health care.Through richly documented, often gripping case studies, Anselm Strauss and his co-authors show us exactly how health workers are confronting the problems created by chronic disease and coping with today's highly technologized hospitals. They guide us through the various hospital work sites, describing in detail the kinds of tasks performed by medical personnel, the interactions of staff members with each other and with patients, and the overall resulting patient treatment and response.Focusing on the concept of illness trajectory, the authors vividly illustrate the complex, contingent nature of modern medical work. For example, open heart surgery keeps ill persons alive and may even improve them symptomatically, but those who do survive must face an uncertain future in terms of the physiological consequences of the surgery and the drugs required. They also have to adjust t altered lifestyles. In the new introduction, Anselm Strauss discusses the continuing importance of this work to sociologists, medical scholars, and medical professionals.
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Waged Work At Home

Author : Dale Lü
ISBN : 1856286444
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book looks at the demand as well as the supply side of the social organization of industrial outwork in contemporary Hong Kong. On the one side, there are small manufacturers struggling for survival in the context of a changing global economic environment. Outworking offers them the flexibility needed for the continuation of labour-intensive production in the face of fierce competition from other newly industrializing economies. On the other side, outworking is an important household work strategy for married working class women. Through a sociological analysis of the interplay between employers' quest for production flexibility and married women's participation in outworking, this study throws new light on the experience of East Asian development.
Category: Business & Economics

How The Other Half Works

Author : Roger Waldinger
ISBN : 9780520231627
Genre : Business & Economics
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Solving the riddle of America's immigration puzzle, this text seeks to address the question of why an increasingly high-tech society has use for so many immigrants who lack the basic skills that the modern economy seems to demand.
Category: Business & Economics

Feeding The Family

Author : Marjorie L. DeVault
ISBN : 0226143600
Genre : Social Science
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Housework—often trivialized or simply overlooked in public discourse—contributes in a complex and essential way to the form that families and societies assume. In this innovative study, Marjorie L. DeVault explores the implications of "feeding the family" from the perspective of those who do that work. Along the way, DeVault offers a new vocabulary for discussing nurturance as a basis of group life and sociability. Drawing from interviews conducted in 1982-83 in a diverse group of American households, DeVault reveals the effort and skill behind the "invisible" work of shopping, cooking, and serving meals. She then shows how this work can become oppressive for women, drawing them into social relations that construct and maintain their subordinate position in household life.
Category: Social Science

Citizenship Gender And Work

Author : Robert J. Thomas
ISBN : 0520080408
Genre : Political Science
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"A convincing and original study of a system of social inequality embodied in the relationship between class, citizenship, and gender."--William Julius Wilson, author of "The Truly Disadvantaged"
Category: Political Science

The Social Organization Of Juvenile Justice

Author : Aaron Cicourel
ISBN : 9781351473910
Genre : Social Science
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The Social Organization of Juvenile Justice recasts familiar sociological problems of research within a dramatically new and different theoretical and methodological perspective. In seeing law enforcement officers, no less than those accuse of criminal behavior, as locked into the creation of history, or more precisely, a series of retrospective and prospective interpretations of events both within and disengaged from, the social contexts relevant to what purportedly took place, Aaron Cicourel redefined the fault lines of contemporary criminology.The work makes imaginative use of a wide variety of new techniques of analysis from ethnomethodology to community studies—while at no point ignoring basic hard statistical data—in this study of juvenile justice in two California cities. Cicourel states the purpose of his book with clarity: The decision-making activities that produce the social problem called delinquency (and the socially organized procedures that provide for judicial outcomes) are important because they highlight fundamental processes of how social order is possible.This work challenges the conventional view that assumes delinquents are natural social types distributed in some ordered fashion, and produced by a set of abstract internal or external pressures from the social structure. Cicourel views the everyday organizational workings of the police, probation departments, courts, and schools, demonstrating how these agencies contribute to various kinds of transformations of the original events that led to law enforcement contact.This contextual creation of facts in turn leads to improvised, ad hoc interpretations of character structure, family life, and future prospects. In this way, the agencies may generate delinquency by their routine encounters with the young. His new introduction discusses with great detail the methodology behind his research and responses to earlier critiques of his work.
Category: Social Science

The Social Organization Of Sports Medicine

Author : Dominic Malcolm
ISBN : 9780415884440
Genre : Medical
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During the twentieth century the relationship between sport and medicine has eveloped in the context of broader social, cultural and politico-economic processes. This includes increasing scientific understanding of the human body, growing attention to lifestyle as a health-risk factor, the development of health promotion, and a shifting balance of power between the medical profession, allied health professions and patients. In conjunction with the rationalization, internationalization and commercialization of sports performance, these processes have combined to lead to the expansion of the system of sports medicine in any, if not all, Western nations. This volume charts changing perceptions of sport within medical discourse, attempts by sports medicine providers to forge professional identities in response to these processes, the day-to-day experiences of deliverers of sports medicine and the reactions of recipients of that healthcare.
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