The Spanish Missions Of La Florida

Author : Bonnie Gair McEwan
ISBN : 0813012325
Genre : History
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"A major compendium of the latest effort of a truly blue-ribbon group of scholars. . . . The volume is certain to be a classic among scholars of archaeology, history, and geography, not only in Florida and the Southeast, but among the large numbers involved in Spanish colonial research elsewhere."--Robert L. Hoover, California Polytechnic State University "Continues brilliantly the pattern of excellence established by . . . pioneer mission scholars, [with] much to appeal to the specialist as well as the layman. . . . a good deal of simple, direct, and very interesting writing."--Fred Lamar Pearson, Jr., Valdosta State College This multidisciplinary volume brings together the latest findings of most of the scholars working in southeastern mission studies today, including much information never before published or narrowly circulated. Aimed at a broad audience, it reports the direct results of field research on mission sites. The authors are grappling with the effects of missionization through archaeology, history, bioarchaeology, zooarchaeology, and ethnobotany in order to understand both native and Spanish colonial inhabitants. Contents The Archaeology of Mission Santa Catalina de Guale: Our First Fifteen Years, by David Hurst Thomas Architecture of the Missions Santa Maria and Santa Catalina de Amelia, by Rebecca Saunders The Archaeology of the Convento de San Francisco, by Kathleen Hoffman St. Augustine and the Mission Frontier, by Kathleen Deagan The Mayaca and Jororo and Missions to Them, by John H. Hann Mission Santa Fe de Toloca, by Kenneth Johnson Archaeology of Fig Springs Mission, Ichetucknee Springs State Park, by Brent R. Weisman Spanish-Indian Interaction on the Florida Missions: The Archaeology of Baptizing Spring, by L. Jill Loucks Excavations in the Fig Springs Mission Burial Area, by Lisa M. Hoshower and Jerald T. Milanich Archaeological Investigations at Mission Patale, 1984-1991, by Rochelle A. Marrinan Hispanic Life on the Seventeenth-Century Florida Frontier, by Bonnie G. McEwan On the Frontier of Contact: Mission Bioarchaeology in La Florida, by Clark Spencer Larsen Plant Production and Procurement in Apalachee Province, by C. Margaret Scarry Evidence for Animal Use at the Missions of Spanish Florida, by Elizabeth J. Reitz Beads and Pendants from San Luis de Talimali: Inferences from Varying Contexts, by Jeffrey M. Mitchem A Distributional and Technological Study of Apalachee Colono-Ware from San Luis de Talimali, by Richard Vernon and Ann S. Cordell Bonnie G. McEwan is the director of archaeology at San Luis Archaeological and Historic Site in Tallahassee.
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Biocultural Histories In La Florida

Author : Christopher Stojanowski
ISBN : 9780817352677
Genre : History
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Indigenous populations respond to colonial expansion. This book examines the effects of the Spanish mission system on population structure and genetic variability in indigenous communities living in northern Florida and southern Georgia during the 16th and 17th centuries. Data on tooth size were collected from 26 archaeological samples representing three time periods: Late Precontact (~1200-1500), Early Mission (~1600-1650), and Late Mission (~1650-1700) and were subjected to a series of statistical tests evaluating genetic variability. Predicted changes in phenotypic population variability are related to models of group interaction, population demo-graphy, and genetic admixture as suggested by ethnohistoric and archaeological data. Results suggest considerable differences in diachronic responses to the mission environment for each cultural province. The Apalachee demonstrate a marked increase in variability while the Guale demonstrate a decline in variability. Demographic models of population collapse are therefore inconsistent with predicted changes based on population geneticsl, and the determinants of population structure seem largely local in nature. This book highlights the specificity with which indigenous communities responded to European contact and the resulting transformations in their social worlds. "Stojanowski's work is like man's DNA, the structure of a lifeform, but here it is the structure or glue that holds together the historic puzzle with its Apalachee, Timucua, Guale, and Spanish pieces that other scholars have been trying to put together."--Keith P. Jacobi, author of Last Rites for the Tipu Maya
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Encyclopedia Of Religion In The South

Author : Samuel S. Hill
ISBN : 0865547580
Genre : Religion
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The publication of the Encyclopedia of Religion in the South in 1984 signaled the rise in the scholarly interest in the study of Religion in the South. Religion has always been part of the cultural heritage of that region, but scholarly investigation had been sporadic. Since the original publication of the ERS, however, the South has changed significantly in that Christianity is no longer the primary religion observed. Other religions like Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism have begun to have very important voices in Southern life. This one-volume reference, the only one of its kind, takes this expansion into consideration by updating older relevant articles and by adding new ones. After more than 20 years, the only reference book in the field of the Religion in the South has been totally revised and updated. Each article has been updated and bibliography has been expanded. The ERS has also been expanded to include more than sixty new articles on Religion in the South. New articles have been added on such topics as Elvis Presley, Appalachian Music, Buddhism, Bill Clinton, Jerry Falwell, Fannie Lou Hamer, Zora Neale Hurston, Stonewall Jackson, Popular Religion, Pat Robertson, the PTL, Sports and Religion in the South, theme parks, and much more. This is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the South, religion, or cultural history.
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Laboring In The Fields Of The Lord

Author : Jerald T. Milanich
ISBN : 081302966X
Genre : History
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The missions of Spanish Florida are one of American history's best kept secrets. Between 1565 and 1763, more than 150 missions with names like San Francisco and San Antonio dotted the landscape from south Florida to the Chesapeake Bay. Drawing on archaeological and historical research, much conducted in the last 25 years, Milanich offers a vivid description of these missions and the Apalachee, Guale, and Timucua Indians who lived and labored in them. First published in 1999 by Smithsonian Institution Press, Laboring in the Fields of the Lord contends the missions were an integral part of Spain's La Florida colony, turning a potentially hostile population into an essential labor force. Indian workers grew, harvested, ground, and transported corn that helped to feed the colony. Indians also provided labor for construction projects, including the imposing stone Castillo de San Marcos that still dominates St. Augustine today. Missions were essential to the goal of colonialism. Together, conquistadors, missionaries, and entrepreneurs went hand-in-hand to conquer the people of the Americas. Though long abandoned and destroyed, the missions are an important part of our country's heritage. This reprint edition includes a new, updated preface by the author.
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Native American Speakers Of The Eastern Woodlands Selected Speeches And Critical Analyses

Author : Barbara Alice Mann
ISBN : 9780313075094
Genre : Social Science
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This collection of essays examines, in context, eastern Native American speeches, which are translated and reprinted in their entirety. Anthologies of Native American orators typically focus on the rhetoric of western speakers but overlook the contributions of Eastern speakers. The roles women played, both as speakers themselves and as creators of the speeches delivered by the men, are also commonly overlooked. Finally, most anthologies mine only English-language sources, ignoring the fraught records of the earliest Spanish conquistadors and French adventurers. This study fills all these gaps and also challenges the conventional assumption that Native thought had little or no impact on liberal perspectives and critiques of Europe. Essays are arranged so that the speeches progress chronologically to reveal the evolving assessments and responses to the European presence in North America, from the mid-sixteenth century to the twentieth century. Providing a discussion of the history, culture, and oratory of eastern Native Americans, this work will appeal to scholars of Native American history and of communications and rhetoric. Speeches represent the full range of the woodland east and are taken from primary sources.
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Account Of The Martyrs In The Provinces Of La Florida

Author : Luis Jerónimo de Oré
ISBN : 9780826357991
Genre : History
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This edition of Luis Jerónimo de Oré’s work presents readers with a new introduction and an annotated translation that place the text in the broader context of international politics.
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Anglo Spanish Rivalry In Colonial South East America 1650 1725

Author : Timothy Paul Grady
ISBN : 9781317323860
Genre : History
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Often played down in favour of the larger competition for empire between England and France, the influence of the Spanish in English Carolina and the English in Spanish Florida created a rivalry that shaped the early history of colonial south-east America. This study is the first to tell the full story of this rivalry.
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Beyond Germs

Author : Catherine M. Cameron
ISBN : 9780816500246
Genre : History
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"Beyond Germs: Native Depopulation in North America" challenges the hypothesis that the massive depopulation of the New World was primarily caused by diseases brought by Europeans, which scholars used for decades to explain the decimation of the indigenous peoples of North America. Contributors expertly argue that blaming germs downplays the active role of Europeans in inciting wars, destroying livelihoods, and erasing identities.
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Events That Changed America Through The Seventeenth Century

Author : John E. Findling
ISBN : 0313290830
Genre : History
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Provides information on such events as the founding of St. Augustine, the arrival of the first African slaves in 1619, and the 1692 Salem witch trials.
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