They Died With Custer

Author : Douglas D. Scott
ISBN : 9780806178585
Genre : History
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Dead men tell no tales, and the soldiers who rode and died with George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn have been silent statistics for more than a hundred years. By blending historical sources, archaeological evidence, and painstaking analysis of the skeletal remains, Douglas D. Scott, P. Willey, and Melissa A. Connor reconstruct biographies of many of the individual soldiers, identifying age, height, possible race, state of health, and the specific way each died. They also link reactions to the battle over the years to shifts in American views regarding the appropriate treatment of the dead.
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Custer Died For Your Sins

Author : Vine Deloria
ISBN : 9780806149127
Genre : History
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The author speaks for his people in this witty confutation of almost everything the white man "knows" about Native Americans.
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Archaeological Insights Into The Custer Battle

Author : Douglas D. Scott
ISBN : 0806120657
Genre : History
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In August, 1983, a grassfire raged up Deep Ravine and across the dry, grass-covered battlefield where, in 1876, men of the Seventh U.S. Cavalry under George Armstrong Custer had fought and died at the hands of a Sioux and Cheyenne force led by Sitting Bull. The removal of the normally dense ground cover revealed enough evidence to suggest that an archaeological survey would be fruitful and perhaps could address some unanswered questions about the battle. Describing archaeological investigations during the first year (1984) of a two-year survey, this book offers a detailed analysis of the physical evidence remaining after the battle. Precise information regarding the locations of artifacts and painstaking analyses of the artifacts themselves have uncovered much new information about the guns used in the battle by the victorious Indian warriors. Not only have the types of guns been identified, but through the use of archaeological and criminal-investigative techniques the actual numbers of firearms can now be estimated. This analysis of the battlefield, which represents a significant advance in methodology, shows that the two forces left artifacts in what can be defined as "combatant patterns." What did happen after Custer’s trumpeter, John Martin-dispatched with an order for Captain Benteen to "be quick"-turned and saw the doomed battalion for the last time? Written to satisfy both professional and layman, this book is a vital complement to the historical record.
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Hokahey A Good Day To Die

Author : Richard G. Hardorff
ISBN : 0803273223
Genre : History
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Traditionally historians of the Little Big Horn fight have focused on Custer and his troops?on what they were doing and where they died. But as one Miniconjou warrior told a gathering at a 1926 commemoration of the battle, the Lakotas and Cheyennes also lost brave men. These men had died defending their homes and families, and they too deserved recognition.øHokahey! A Good Day to Die! details the final moments of each of the fallen Cheyenne and Lakota heroes. Richard G. Hardorff sifted through the many interviews with Indian survivors of the battle, cross-checking every story of a wounded or dead individual to ascertain who was killed, in which action, and by whom. He concludes that the Indian dead comprised thirty-one men, six women, and four children?astonishingly light losses when compared with the number of cavalry dead. Concise, well-written, and respectful of Cheyenne and Lakota cultural practices, this book is an essential contribution to our understanding of how the Cheyennes and Lakotas waged the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
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The Custer Reader

Author : Paul Andrew Hutton
ISBN : 0806134658
Genre : History
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Here is Custer as seen by himself, his contemporaries, and leading scholars. Combining first-person narratives, essays, and photographs, this book provides a complete introduction to Custer's controversial personality and career and the evolution of the Custer myth.
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Wooden Leg

Author : Wooden Leg
ISBN : 0803282885
Genre : History
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Told with vigor and insight, this is the memorable story of Wooden Leg (1858?1940), one of sixteen hundred warriors of the Northern Cheyennes who fought with the Lakotas against Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Wooden Leg remembers the world of the Cheyennes before they were forced onto reservations. He tells of growing up on the Great Plains and learning how to be a Cheyenne man. We hear from him about Cheyenne courtship, camp life, spirituality, and hunting; of skirmishes with Crows, Pawnees, and Shoshones; and of the Cheyennes? valiant but doomed resistance against the army of the United States. In particular, Wooden Leg recalls the fight against Custer at the Little Bighorn, a controversial and arresting recollection that stands as the first published Native account of that battle. ø As an old man in his seventies, Wooden Leg related the story of his life and the Little Bighorn battle in interviews with Thomas B. Marquis (1869?1935), formerly an agency physician for the Northern Cheyennes. Marquis checked and corroborated or corrected all points of importance with other Cheyennes. This edition features a new introduction by Richard Littlebear, president of Chief Dull Knife College and an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Nation of Montana.
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The Real Custer

Author : James S Robbins
ISBN : 9781621572367
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The Real Custer takes a good hard look at the life and storied military career of George Armstrong Custer—from cutting his teeth at Bull Run in the Civil War, to his famous and untimely death at Little Bighorn in the Indian Wars. Author James Robbins demonstrates that Custer, having graduated last in his class at West Point, went on to prove himself again and again as an extremely skilled cavalry leader. Robbins argues that Custer's undoing was his bold and cocky attitude, which caused the Army's bloodiest defeat in the Indian Wars. Robbins also dives into Custer’s personal life, exploring his letters and other personal documents to reveal who he was as a person, underneath the military leader. The Real Custer is an exciting and valuable contribution to the legend and history of Custer that will delight Custer fans as well as readers new to the legend.
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Archaeological Perspectives On The Battle Of The Little Bighorn

Author : Douglas D. Scott
ISBN : 9780806189758
Genre : Social Science
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Ever since the Custer massacres on June 25, 1876, the question has been asked: What happened - what REALLY happened - at the Battle of the Little Bighorn? We know some of the answers, because half of George Armstrong Custer’s Seventh Cavalry - the men with Major Marcus Reno and Captain Frederick Benteen - survived the fight, but what of the half that did not, the troopers, civilians, scouts, and journalist who were with Custer? Now, because a grass fire in August 1983 cleared the terrain of brush and grass and made possible thorough archaeological examinations of the battlefield in 1984 and 1985, we have many answers to important questions. On the basis of the archaeological evidence presented in this book, we know more about what kinds of weapons were used against the cavalry. We know exactly where many of the men fought, how they died, and what happened to their bodies at the time of or after death. We know how the troopers were deployed, what kind of clothing they wore, what kind of equipment they had, how they fought. Through the techniques of historical archaeology and forensic anthropology, the remains and grave of one of Custer’s scouts, Mitch Boyer, have been identified. And through geomorphology and the process of elimination, we know with almost 100 percent certainty where the twenty-eight missing men who supposedly were buried en masse in Deep Ravine will be found.
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Author : Robert Marshall Utley
ISBN : 0806133473
Genre : History
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The son of a village blacksmith in Ohio, Custer qualified last in his class at West Point. Yet he proved to be a brilliant Civil War commander from the moment he made his debut at Gettyshurg. At age twenty-five he was promoted to the rank of major general, a feat that earned him the sobriquet "the boy general." Following the war, as part of the frontier army, he was handed the task of protecting the railroads by reining in the Plains Indians. Resplendent in buckskin he steadily built a reputation as an Indian fighter, enhancing his legend with his own writings. Always forthright with his opinions, Custer may have held a future career, some have suggested, in politics. However, this will never be known, for on June 25, 1876 Custer reached his untimely end. Heavily outnumbered by a combined force of Sioux and Cheyenne warriors at the Battle of Little Bighorn, Custer's entire company was cut down. Never before or since have Indians inflicted such a defeat on federal troops. This new illustrated book combines over 200 photographs and paintings, many in color, with a revised edition of Robert M. Utley's classic biography, Cavalier in Buckskin. Drawing on twelve years of additional research on Sitting Bull and the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Utley has dramatically changed his original interpretations of Custer's Last Stand, addressing the eternal question: might Custer have won?
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Rain In The Face Was He The Man Who Killed Custer

Author : Caitlind L. Alexander
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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The name Rain-in-the-Face struck fear into the hearts of white men. He was a fierce Sioux warrior who fought in many battles. One of those fights was the Battle of the Little Bighorn, where General George Armstrong Custer was killed. Many people say Rain-in-the-Face killed Custer. Others said that he killed Tom Custer, General Custer’s brother, and cut out his heart. As Rain-in-the-Face lay on his death bed, he told the story of his life to Charles Eastman, who wrote down the words for the world. This book recounts those words, along with additional information and pictures about the Battle of Little Bighorn and Rain-in-the-Face’s life. Educational Versions have activities to meet Common Core Curriculum Standards.
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