This Kind Of War

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ISBN : 9781597978781
Genre : Korean War, 1950-1953
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Updated with maps, photographs, and battlefield diagrams, this special fiftieth anniversary edition of the classic history of the Korean War is a dramatic and hard-hitting account of the conflict written from the perspective of those who fought it. Partly drawn from official records, operations journals, and histories, it is based largely on the compelling personal narratives of the small-unit commanders and their troops. Unlike any other work on the Korean War, it provides both a clear panoramic overview and a sharply drawn you were there account of American troops in fierce combat against th.
Category: Korean War, 1950-1953

The Super Summary Of World History Revised

Author : Alan Dale Daniel
ISBN : 9781450062510
Genre : History
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The Super Summary of World History Revised is a new and very compact history of the world emphasizing western culture and political processes as of 2010. Mr. Daniel has completely reviewed and rewritten major sections of his original work, The Super Summary of World History, and published his updated work as the Super Summary of World History Revised. The Super Summary is for the thinking person. This new history raises exciting questions and puts events into new perspectives to stimulate real thinking about history rather than accepting that the past as set in stone. History isn’t just names and dates, but a range of decisions and actions that often turn on the smallest circumstance. The Super Summary analyzes a few events in depth but most are put into their historical framework so the reader discern where and how all of this action escorts us to the present day. If history seems dull, pick up The Super Summary to discover that Western History is alive with controversy and consequence. The book has 612 pages, over 83 Figures – most of which are maps - a detailed Table of Contents, a time line of essential events, a list of important on-line sources, an extensive index, and 391 footnotes. At the end of key chapters is a list of reading and on-line sources to help the reader expand their knowledge of history Plus a new "Let Us Learn" section detailing what history can teach us. Throughout the text, critical names are in bold, and extremely important events are in bold and italic print.
Category: History

The Korean War

Author : Carter Malkasian
ISBN : 9781404218345
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Describes the events preceding and during the Korean War, detailing the battles, political negotiations, and consequences of the war.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Isolationist States In An Interdependent World

Author : Helga Turku
ISBN : 9781317111948
Genre : Political Science
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States that withdraw from the international system provide insight into an unexplored area of international relations in terms of rationality, self-interest, power politics, cooperation and alliances. Indeed, isolationism in an interdependent state system goes against the logic of modern society and state systems. Using historical, comparative and inductive analysis, Helga Turku explains why states may choose to isolate themselves both domestically and internationally, using comparative historical analysis to flesh out isolationism as a concept and in practice. The book examines extreme forms of self-imposed domestic and international isolation in an interdependent international system, noting the effects on both the immediate interests of a ruling regime and the long-term national interests of the state and the populace.
Category: Political Science


Author : Russell M. Gimmi
ISBN : 9781440153112
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Airman is a story about the power of determination and how one man overcame a gauntlet of bureaucratic obstacles to become a combat fighter pilot. Referenced with declassified combat reports, war diaries, government documents and eyewitness accounts; this is a biography of an extraordinary Air Force pilot, Richard F. B. Gimmi, who began his career flying B-25s in World War II and ultimately flew the F-105 fighter jet in combat over North Vietnam. Richard Farmer Bower Dick Gimmi, Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1921. The Great War ended two and a half years earlier and Dick's parents, Richard and Helene Gimmi, were about to enjoy the coming wave of American postwar economic prosperity when their son came into the world. It was the cusp of the Roaring Twenties and Dick's father, Richard Farmer Bower Gimmi, was scion to a family fortune. In his youth, Dick was swept up in an era that romanticized aviation and made the airplane and the pilots who flew them the center of American popular culture. This story, as told by his son, revolves around his dogged determination to become the fighter pilot he had aspired to be since his boyhood days growing up in the aviation-mad era of the 1920s and 30s.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

American Power After 9 11

Author : M. Astrada
ISBN : 9780230106383
Genre : Political Science
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This study expounds upon the composition, dynamics, and consequences of the post-9/11 global security context by positing the following overarching research question: how has the event of 9/11 further enabled the US to legitimately articulate, disseminate, and implement an absolutist security agenda (ASA) on the world stage?
Category: Political Science

A Companion To The War Film

Author : Douglas A. Cunningham
ISBN : 9781118288894
Genre : Performing Arts
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A Companion to the War Film contains 27 original essays that examine all aspects of the genre, from the traditional war film, to the new global nature of conflicts, to the diverse formats war stories assume in today’s digital culture. It includes new work from experienced and emerging scholars that expands the scope of the genre by applying fresh theoretical approaches and archival resources to the study of war films. The essays discuss “the combat film” but then also move beyond those limited confines to cover home-front films, international and foreign- language films, and the uses of alternative media—including Internet videos, military recruitment ads, government-produced films, and TV programs—across a range of conflicts, nations, and time periods. The essays address complex questions of gender, race, forced internment, international terrorism, and war protest in films such as American Sniper, Good Kill, Grace is Gone, Gran Torino, The Messenger, Snow Falling on Cedars, So Proudly We Hail, Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War, Tender Comrade, and Zero Dark Thirty. Taken together, these essays provide a nuanced vision of war film that brings the genre firmly into the 21st century and points the way for exciting future scholarship.
Category: Performing Arts


Author : Karl Marlantes
ISBN : 3453676572
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The United States At War

Author : John C. Super
ISBN : 1587652366
Genre : History
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The United States was forged as a nation in a war, and through its long history, it has repeatedly had to go back to war to protect its independence and the freedoms on which it was founded. Although war runs counter to the democratic principles of the United States, it is an unavoidable central theme of American history. The United States at War addresses this theme by offering compact surveys of the most important military conflicts in which the United States has been involved--from the Revolutionary War through the Iraq War of 2003. The two-volume set's 177 essays examine these conflicts from a variety of perspectives, ranging from detailed discussions of individual battles to overviews of the broader ramifications of the conflicts.
Category: History

Die Amerikaner

Author : Robert Frank
ISBN : 3865216587
Genre : United States
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