Trafficking Women In Korea

Author : Sallie Yea
ISBN : 9781135008239
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Based on in-depth ethnographic work, this book presents a study of Filipinas trafficked to South Korea, focusing on women who entered South Korea as migrant entertainers and subsequently became deployed in exploitative work environments around US military bases there. It contributes to the extension of our knowledge about human trafficking in the Asian region through an exploration of the experiences of more than 100 women who took part in the study. The book challenges many of the accepted understandings about "trafficking victims" and unravels the implications of these narrow understandings for the women themselves. It explores the ways women negotiate trafficking largely outside of the emerging formal anti-trafficking framework, and explains how new community formations and social networks emerge crafted by the women themselves to manage and overcome their vulnerabilities in migration.

A Review Of Data On Trafficking In The Republic Of Korea

Author : June J. H. Lee
ISBN : STANFORD:36105112960872
Genre : History
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The US Trafficking in persons report (July 2001) included South Korea among 23 countries that, in the eyes of the US State Department, failed to meet minimum standards in attempting to stop trafficking in human beings. While the report mentioned the trafficking of South Korean women, it failed to notice that South Korea is itself a receiving country of trafficked women.This study represents IOM Seoul's continuing efforts to collect and publicize accurate information on trafficking in South Korea. The aim is to locate existing sources of information and identify those areas for which further research is needed.
Category: History

Human Security Transnational Crime And Human Trafficking

Author : Shiro Okubo
ISBN : 9781136832949
Genre : Political Science
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Examining transnational crime, human trafficking and its implications for human security from both Western and Asian perspectives, this book assesses the extent of the problem, outlines how it is perceived differently in different countries, and the diverse social and legal policy reactions which have developed to address these issues.
Category: Political Science

International Sex Trafficking Of Women Children

Author : Leonard Territo
ISBN : 9781932777864
Genre : Political Science
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The most vulnerable are being victimized - Gain insight from top experts on the methods & practices of the criminals behind this "human tragedy of monumental proportions". - Get current intelligence on trafficking tactics and trends in North & South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, plus get insider information directly from the traffickers. Important for: Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Classes Sociologists Women's Group Travel Professionals Social Workers
Category: Political Science

The Korean Women S Movement And The State

Author : Seung-kyung Kim
ISBN : 9781317817789
Genre : Social Science
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This book asks what strategies women’s movements can employ to induce law and policy changes at the national level that will assist women’s equality without sacrificing their feminist energy, movement cohesiveness and core feminist commitments. The book takes up this question in order to emphasize the need not only to recognize the accomplishments of women’s movements through political participation, but also to analyze the process through which feminist organizations interact with formal politics. It examines the institutionalization of the Korean women’s movement under the progressive presidencies of Kim Dae Jung (1998-2002) and Roh Moo Hyun (2003-2007), focusing on three major pieces of legislation concerning women’s rights that were enacted during this time, and looks at the process of gender politics and the strategic bargains that needed to be made between the women’s movement and other political forces in order to advance their agenda. It questions whether the institutionalization of the women’s movement inevitably results in demobilization and deradicalization, and goes on to examine the relationship between the women’s movement and the government over the two most women-friendly administrations in South Korean history, a period marked by flourishing civil society activism and participatory democracy. ?
Category: Social Science

On The Move For Love

Author : Sealing Cheng
ISBN : 0812206924
Genre : Social Science
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Since the Korean War, gijichon—U.S. military camp towns—have been fixtures in South Korea. The most popular entertainment venues in gijichon are clubs, attracting military clientele with duty-free alcohol, music, shows, and women entertainers. In the 1990s, South Korea's rapid economic advancement, combined with the stigma and low pay attached to this work, led to a shortage of Korean women willing to serve American soldiers. Club owners brought in cheap labor, predominantly from the Philippines and ex-Soviet states, to fill the vacancies left by Korean women. The increasing presence of foreign workers has precipitated new conversations about modernity, nationalism, ethnicity, and human rights in South Korea. International NGOs, feminists, and media reports have identified women migrant entertainers as "victims of sex trafficking," insisting that their plight is one of forced prostitution. Are women who travel to work in such clubs victims of trafficking, sex slaves, or simply migrant women? How do these women understand their own experiences? Is antitrafficking activism helpful in protecting them? In On the Move for Love, Sealing Cheng attempts to answer these questions by following the lives of migrant Filipina entertainers working in various gijichon clubs. Focusing on their aspirations for love and a better future, Cheng's ethnography illuminates the complex relationships these women form with their employers, customer-boyfriends, and families. She offers an insightful critique of antitrafficking discourses, pointing to the inadequacy of recognizing women only as victims and ignoring their agency and aspirations. Cheng analyzes the women's experience in South Korea in relation to their subsequent journeys to other countries, providing a diachronic look at the way migrant issues of work, sex, and love fit within the larger context of transnationalism, identity, and global hierarchies of inequality.
Category: Social Science

Mut Zur Freiheit

Author : Yeonmi Park
ISBN : 9783641178796
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Yeonmi Park träumte nicht von der Freiheit, als sie im Alter von erst 13 Jahren aus Nordkorea floh. Sie wusste nicht einmal, was Freiheit ist. Alles, was sie wusste war, dass sie um ihr Leben lief, dass sie und ihre Familie sterben würde, wenn sie bliebe - vor Hunger, an einer Krankheit oder gar durch Exekution. In ihrem Buch erzählt Yeonmi Park von ihrem Kampf ums Überleben in einem der dunkelsten und repressivsten Regime unserer Zeit; sie erzählt von ihrer grauenhaften Odyssee durch die chinesische Unterwelt, bevölkert von Schmugglern und Menschenhändlern, bis nach Südkorea; und sie erzählt von ihrem erstaunlichen Weg zur führenden Menschenrechts-Aktivistin mit noch nicht einmal 21 Jahren.
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Women Of North Korea

Author : Kim Won-hong
Genre : Women
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CHAPTER 1: North Korea ’s Policies towar d Women 1. How women are perceived in North Korea 6 2. Gender equality policy 12 CHAPTER 2: Family Life of North Korean Women 1. Family system 25 2. Marriage and divorce 27 3. Pregnancy and childbirth 31 CHAPTER 3: Economic Act ivities of North Korean Women 1. Economic participation 38 2. Social policies in support of women’'s economic activities 44 CHAPTER 4: Social Act ivities of North Korean Women 1. Education 50 2. Politics 54 3. Public organization activities 58 CHAPTER 5: Chan ges in North Korean Women ’'s Lives after the Economic Crisis 1. Changes in the way of life and survival 71 2. Changes in life and perceptions 86 3. Changes in role and status 92 CHAPTER 6: Conc lusion
Category: Women

Japan S Comfort Women

Author : Toshiyuki Tanaka
ISBN : 0415194016
Genre : History
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Japan's Comfort Women tells the harrowing story of the "comfort women" who were forced to enter prostitution to serve the Japanese Imperial army, often living in appalling conditions of sexual slavery. Using a wide range of primary sources, the author for the first time links military controlled prostitution with enforced prostitution. He uncovers new and controversial information about the role of the US' occupation forces in military controlled prostitution, as well as the subsequent "cover-up" of the existence of such a policy. This groundbreaking book asks why US occupation forces did little to help the women, and argues that military authorities organised prostitution to prevent the widespread incidence of GI rape of Japanese women, and to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
Category: History