We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families

Author : Philip Gourevitch
ISBN : 9781447275275
Genre : History
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With an introduction by Rory Stewart Winner of the Guardian First Book award, a first-hand account one of the defining outrages of modern history. All at once, as it seemed, something we could have only imagined was upon us - and we could still only imagine it. This is what fascinates me most in existence: the peculiar necessity of imagining what is, in fact, real. In 1994, the Rwandan government orchestrated a campaign of extermination, in which everyone in the Hutu majority was called upon to murder everyone in the Tutsi minority. Close to a million people were slaughtered in a hundred days, and the rest of the world did nothing to stop it. A year later, Philip Gourevitch went to Rwanda to investigate the most unambiguous genocide since Hitler's war against the Jews. Hailed by the Guardian as one of the hundred greatest nonfiction books of all time, We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families is a first-hand account one of the defining outrages of modern history, an unforgettable anatomy of Rwanda's decimation. As riveting as it is moving, it is a profound reckoning with humanity's betrayal and its perseverance.
Category: History

Innere Konfliktregelungsmechanismen Der Afrikanischen Union Vor Dem Hintergrund Der Entsprechenden Bestimmungen Der Europ Ischen Union

Author : Sebastian Gerlach
ISBN : 3631613148
Genre : Law
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Das Buch befasst sich mit der Struktur und den Konfliktregelungsmechanismen der Afrikanischen Union. Theoretische Betrachtungen werden dabei erganzt durch die Untersuchung der Rolle der Afrikanischen Union im Darfurkonflikt und in den Wahlkrisen in Kenia und Simbabwe Anfang 2008. Hinsichtlich der jeweiligen Friedens- und Sicherheitspolitik wird ein Vergleich der Afrikanischen Union mit der Europaischen Union angestellt. Schliesslich werden Zukunftsaussichten fur die Konfliktregelungsmechanismen der Afrikanischen Union dargestellt."
Category: Law

Running The Rift

Author : Naomi Benaron
ISBN : 9781780740782
Genre : Fiction
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Jean Patrick dreams of running in the Olympics, and with gruelling training he soon beats a world qualifying time. But his chances of success are threatened by the ethnic tensions erupting all around him. When Hutu violence against Tutsis finally crescendos and his homeland Rwanda is wracked by unforgivable atrocities, Jean Patrick, a Tutsi, has no choice but to run for his life abandoning fatherland, family, and the woman he loves. Finding them again will be the race of his life. Following a decade in Rwanda’s history through the eyes of one boy, Running the Rift is a wrenching tale of a people’s collective trauma, of lives lost, and loves salvaged.
Category: Fiction

Accountability For International Humanitarian Law Violations The Case Of Rwanda And East Timor

Author : Mohamed Othman
ISBN : 9783540288855
Genre : Law
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The book is a critical review of accountability conducted under the authority of the United Nations Security Council, by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), and the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET). It is centred on two case studies: the 1999 events in Rwanda, and the 1999 mayhem in East Timor. The books subjects to testing cross-examination tools to hold accountable persons with „the greatest responsibility" for serious international humanitarian law violations.
Category: Law

Genocide In Rwanda

Author : Frank Spalding
ISBN : 9781404218239
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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A close look at the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994, including background history and the events that led up to the genocide, as well as the genocide itself and its after effects.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

An Ordinary Man

Author : Paul Rusesabagina
ISBN : 9781408807262
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 89.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Confronting killers with a combination of diplomacy, flatter, and deception, Paul Rusesabagina managed to shelter more than 1,200 Tutsis and moderate Hutus while homicidal mobs raged outside with machetes during the Rwandan genocide. His autobiography explores the inner life of the man in a way the film could not. Rusesabagina discusses the racial complexity within his own life - he is a Hutu married to a Tutsi - and his complete estrangement from the madness that surrounded him during the genocide. The book takes the reader inside the hotel during those 100 days, relates the anguish of those who saw loved ones hacked to pieces, and describes Rusesabagina's ambivalence at pouring the Scotch and lighting the cigars of killers in the Swimming Pool bar, even as he hid as many refugees as possible inside the guest rooms upstairs. Never-before-reported elements of the Rwandan genocide will be disclosed in this book, such as the lack of interest of the international community , and the disgraceful behavior of some of the UN peacekeeping troops, who purchased the cars of the Tutsis who had taken shelter inside the hotel. An Ordinary Man draws parallels between what happened in Rwanda with other genocides throughout history and asks the question: What causes an entire nation to go insane? It also offers an inside look at the problem of genocide and the responsibilities of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. It concludes with an exploration of the tremendous power of words to sow hatred, but also to bring life and hope.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Rwanda And The Moral Obligation Of Humanitarian Intervention

Author : Joshua James Kassner
ISBN : 9780748670482
Genre : Philosophy
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Kassner contends that the violation of the basic human rights of the Rwandan Tutsis morally obliged the international community to intervene militarily to stop the genocide. This compelling argument, grounded in basic rights, runs counter to the accepted view on the moral nature of humanitarian intervention. It has profound implications for our understanding of the moral nature of humanitarian military intervention, global justice and the role moral principles should play in the practical deliberations of states.
Category: Philosophy

The International Bank Of Bob

Author : Bob Harris
ISBN : 9780802778345
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 45.1 MB
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Hired by ForbesTraveler.com to review some of the most luxurious accommodations on Earth, and then inspired by a chance encounter in Dubai with the impoverished workers whose backbreaking jobs create such opulence, Bob Harris had an epiphany: He would turn his own good fortune into an effort to make lives like theirs better. Bob found his way to Kiva.org, the leading portal through which individuals make microloans all over the world: for as little as $25-50, businesses are financed and people are uplifted. Astonishingly, the repayment rate was nearly 99%, so he re-loaned the money to others over and over again. ?After making hundreds of microloans online, Bob wanted to see the results first-hand, and in The International Bank of Bob he travels from Peru and Bosnia to Rwanda and Cambodia, introducing us to some of the most inspiring and enterprising people we've ever met, while illuminating day-to-day life-political and emotional-in much of the world that Americans never see. Told with humor and compassion, The International Bank of Bob brings the world to our doorstep, and makes clear that each of us can, actually, make it better.
Category: Biography & Autobiography