What Is To Be Done About Crime And Punishment

Author : Roger Matthews
ISBN : 9781137572288
Genre : Social Science
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This book responds to the claim that criminology is becoming socially and politically irrelevant despite its exponential expansion as an academic sub-discipline. It does so by addressing the question 'what is to be done' in relation to a number of major issues associated with crime and punishment. The original contributions to this volume are provided by leading international experts in a wide range of issues. They address imprisonment, drugs, gangs, cybercrime, prostitution, domestic violence, crime control, as well as white collar and corporate crime. Written in an accessible style, this collection aims to contribute to the development of a more public criminology and encourages students and researchers at all levels to engage in a form of criminology that is more socially relevant and more useful.
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Crime And Punishment

Author : Marilyn Campbell
ISBN : 1583422250
Genre : Murder
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The Handbook Of Crime Punishment

Author : Michael H. Tonry
ISBN : 0195140605
Genre : Law
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Crime is one of the most significant political issues in contemporary American society. Crime control statistics and punishment policies are subjects of constant partisan debate, while the media presents sensationalized stories of criminal activity and over-crowded prisons. In the highly politicized arena of crime and justice, empirical data and reasoned analysis are often overlook or ignored. The Handbook of Crime and Punishment, however, provides a comprehensive overview of criminal justice, criminology, and crime control policy, thus enabling a fundamental understanding of crime and punishment essential to an informed public. Expansive in its coverage, the Handbook presents materials on crime and punishment trends as well as timely policy issues. The latest research on the demography of crime (race, gender, drug use) is included and weighty current problems (organized crime, white collar crime, family violence, sex offenders, youth gangs, drug abuse policy) are examined. Processes and institutions that deal with accused and convicted criminals and techniques of punishment are also examined. While some articles emphasize American research findings and developments, others incorporate international research and offer a comparative perspective from other English-speaking countries and Western Europe. Editor Michael Tonry, a leading scholar of criminology, introduces the 28 articles in the volume, each contributed by an expert in the field. Designed for a wide audience, The Handbook is encyclopedic in its range and depth of content, yet is written in an accessible style. The most inclusive and authoritative work on the topic to be found in one volume, this book will appeal to those interested in the study of crime and its causes, effects, trends, and institutions; those interested in the forms and philosophies of punishment; and those interested in crime control.
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Malign Neglect

Author : Michael Tonry
ISBN : 0195104692
Genre : Social Science
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Tonry focuses on the racial disparities in the criminal justice system, especially apparent discrimination toward black males.
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Beyond Retribution

Author : Christopher D. Marshall
ISBN : 0802847978
Genre : Religion
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Recently a growing number of Christians have actively promoted the concept of "restorative justice" and attempted to develop programs for dealing with crime based on restorative principles. But is this approach truly consistent with the teaching of Scripture? To date, very little has been done to test this claim. Beyond Retribution fills a gap by plumbing the New Testament on the topics of crime, justice, and punishment. Christopher Marshall first explores the problems involved in applying ethical teachings from the New Testament to mainstream society. He then surveys the extent to which the New Testament addresses criminal justice issues, looking in particular at the concept of the justice of God in the teachings of Paul and Jesus. He also examines the topic of punishment, reviewing the debate in social thinking over the ethics and purpose of punishment -- including capital punishment -- and he advocates a new concept of "restorative punishment." The result of this engaging work is a biblically based challenge to imitate the way of Christ in dealing with both victims and offenders.
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Schuld Und S Hne

Author : Fedor M. Dostoevskij
ISBN : 3423124059
Genre :
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"Schuld und Sühne", in neueren Übersetzungen auch "Verbrechen und Strafe", ist der 1866 erschienene erste grosse Roman von Fjodor Dostojewski. Sankt Petersburg Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts: Der intelligente, aber arme Jura-Student Raskolnikow sieht sich selbst als "aussergewöhnlichen Menschen", der sich nur einer höheren, abstrakten Macht verantwortlich fühlt. Um sich und der Welt diese Besonderheit zu beweisen, plant er einen perfekten, einen "erlaubten" Mord an der Pfandleiherin Iwanowna, in der er das Übel der Welt vertreten sieht. Raskolnikow gleitet in die Katastrophe, denn er ist nicht der Übermensch ohne Gewissen, für den er sich gehalten hat. Eines der wichtigsten Werke russischer Literatur. Mit einem Vorwort zu Autor und Werk. 1. Auflage Umfang: 925 Normseiten bzw. 961 Buchseiten Null Papier Verlag - www-null-papier.de - www.facebook.de/null.papier.verlag Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski gilt als einer der bedeutendsten russischen Schriftsteller. Fjodor Dostojewskis Familie entstammte verarmtem Adel; der Vater war Arzt. 1839 soll sein Vater auf dem heimischen Landgut durch Leibeigene ermordet worden sein. Dostojewski begann 1844 mit den Arbeiten zu seinem 1846 veröffentlichten Erstlingswerk "Arme Leute". Mit dessen Erscheinen wurde er schlagartig berühmt; die zeitgenössische Kritik feierte ihn als Genie.

Crime And Punishment

Author : Hyman Gross
ISBN : 9780199644711
Genre : Law
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Presenting an engaging critique of current criminal justice practice in the UK and USA, this book introduces central questions of criminal law theory. It develops a forceful argument that the prevailing justifications for punishment are misguided, and have resulted in the systematic infliction of unnecessary human misery.
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Crime And Punishment

Author : Eva Caro
ISBN : 1425916708
Genre : Murder
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Not quite three years old at the time of the Stock Market Crash in October 1929, the author spent the next twelve years experiencing the consequences of the Great Depression. Kindergarten in 1931 began school days that proceeded in lockstep with the depression years. These were life shaping experiences taking place at a time of growing unrest among nations. Personal values were shaped by the challenges of daily living. Everyone was affected by the depression in one degree or another. These memories of school days, changing family structure, day to day coping, provides a window on this changing, scene from the perspective of a growing child.
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Crime And Punishment In England

Author : Andrew Barrett
ISBN : 9781135358631
Genre : History
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Designed to complement "Crime and Punishment: An Introductory History" UCL Press, 1996, this sourcebook contains documents specifically selected to illuminate major issues raised in the textbook. In the first part of the book, extracts of laws and royal, local and church records from Anglo- Saxon England to the 18th century reveal changing patterns of crime and punishment. The first sociology of English crime Harman's Caveat, 1566 as well as Henry Fielding's reform proposals of the mid-eighteenth century are included and the growing use of imprisonment is reflected in the later sections.; The second part covers the 19th century. Documents range from commentaries on the day-to-day crimes of theft, drunkenness And Assault To The Sensationalism Of Garroting And Murder. Documents charting the impressive growth of the police force are included. Criminal justice is approached through the minutiae of police charge books and newspaper column's, the personal reminiscences of magistrates, the sweeping arguments of law reformers and the pleading voices of Petitioners For Mercy. In A Chapter On Punishment, The Emotions Unleashed by public hanging and transportation can be compared with the relentless monotony of prison life.
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