Women Will Save The World

Author : Caroline A. Shearer
ISBN : 0983301727
Genre : Social Science
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At the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit, His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, "The world will be saved by the Western woman." Through essays, biographical profiles and a timeline, Shearer discusses the ways women can and have saved the world in history through inherent feminine qualities of collaboration, creativity, intuition, nurturing, strength, trailblazing and wisdom.
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Wonder Women

Author : Jessica Eaves Mathews
ISBN : 1450746888
Genre :
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Providing a blunt diagnosis for the cause of the extensive problems in our economy (fueled by the testosterone-laden, traditional approach to business), the book outlines how women (and men) can stage a recovery with a focus not just on the bottom line, but on bringing humanity and empathy back to business. There is a seismic shift taking place today in the way businesses are launched, how they are run and most importantly in how success is measured. The traditional business model, fueled by testosterone and focused on winning at all costs, is irretrievably broken. Further, many of the devastating problems we know see in our country and the world today are a direct result of this mindset taken to the extreme. Fortunately, a movement is underway...a movement towards a better way of life and a better career. One based in a better way of doing business one based in the nurturing, relationship-centered feminine energy. And this shift is being lead by women like you. These Wonder Women are upturning societal and business norms and making the business streets safe again for all citizens, women and men alike. They are poised to step into their power and to help bring the rest of the world along with them. And not a moment too soon. Our future depends on it. As the Dalai Lama stated, The world will be saved by the Western Woman. This book open your eyes to the realities of this inevitable and swiftly moving business revolution, and more importantly, it will give you very practical guidance on how to experience your own personal and professional revolution starting today. You CAN have it all. In this book, you will learn how to save yourself and your sanity through entrepreneurship. You will learn: How to discover (or rediscover) your unique brilliance; How to connect with your ideal client and target market; How to launch or re-engineer your business through strategic outsourcing, delegating and deleting to support your ideal life;br> How to build a solid foundation for your business to ensure your best chance of success; How to build the right team; and How to connect with the right mentors to help you achieve your dreams and true potential. A portion of sale proceeds will go to Girl Rising and Room to Read.

Why Women Will Save The Planet

Author : Friends of the Earth
ISBN : 9781783605828
Genre : Nature
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Women's empowerment is critical to environmental sustainability, isn't it? When Friends of the Earth asked this question on Facebook half of respondents said yes and half said no, with women as likely to say no as men. This collection of articles and interviews, from some of the leading lights of the environmental and feminist movements, demonstrates that achieving gender equality is vital if we are to protect the environment upon which we all depend. It is a rallying call to environmental campaigning groups and other environmentalists who have, on the whole, neglected women's empowerment in their work. We hope that the book will encourage the environmental movement and women's movement to join in fighting the twin evils of women's oppression and environmental degradation, because social justice and environmental sustainability are two sides of the same coin.
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I M 30 Now What A Woman S Guide To Living A Life Of Choice

Author : Ky-Lee Hanson
ISBN : 9781988736198
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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I’m 30, Now What?! is a discovery through the perception of women born between 1977 - 1987. At the time of writing this book, we are in our thirties. There is something about our generation that never quite fit in a traditional sense. Our authors are from, or have lived in, Canada, USA, Turkey, Germany, Barcelona, and Europe, yet there is a common feeling of displacement across the globe within our “lost” generation. We were the first generation to have vast choices around education, career, and our role in the household. We were able to stumble off the traditional path, and survive. We were raised in a very transitional phase from single to dual income households, and grew up during the rise of broken-homes. We saw war for its true colors - an industry and not an act of “freedom,” the creation of the internet and watching it “burst,” followed by an economic, banking, and housing crash. We also saw positive change: rapid gentrification, spirituality, equal rights, gay rights and same-sex marriage, the-everyday-feminist and females running the workplace, male nurses, stay at home dads, and moms to mompreneurs to childless-women-by-choice finding commonalities outside of mommyhood. As adults, we view diversity and open-mindedness as our way of life. We didn’t start all these trends, but we are the outcome. We were born to be a generation of change; a generation of options. Maybe instead of being the lost generation, we were the born - Choice Makers. Yet, we don’t fully own this… We CAN choose a life outside of a cookie cutter mold, and we have the right to be unapologetic when doing so. This book is a heavy, controversial eye-opener, while being a tool for healing, growth, owning your power, and embracing choice.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Urgent Message From Mother Gather The Women Save The World Large Print 16pt

Author : Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D.
ISBN : 9781459616769
Genre : Political Science
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In its original edition, this culmination of Jean Shinoda Bolen's life's work sold over 25,000 copies. Now in paperback for the first time Urgent Message from Mother is a call to action for all the women of the world. This unique combination of visionary thinking and practical how-to seeks to galvanize the power of women acting together in order to save our world. Bolen outlines the lessons we can learn from the women's movement, draws on Jungian psychology and the sacred feminine, and gives powerful examples of women coming together all over the globe and making a significant impact.
Category: Political Science

Women In Politics And Media

Author : Maria Raicheva-Stover
ISBN : 9781628921076
Genre : Social Science
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Although women constitute half of the world's population, their participation in the political sphere remains problematic. While existing research on women politicians from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada sheds light on the challenges and opportunities they face, we still have a very limited understanding of women's political participation in emerging democracies. Women in Politics and Media: Perspectives From Nations in Transition is the first collection to de-Westernize the scholarship on women, politics and media by: 1) highlighting the latest research on countries and regions that have not been 'the usual suspects'; 2) featuring a diverse group of scholars, many of non-Western origin; 3) giving voice through personal interviews to politically active women, thus providing the reader with a rare insight into women's agency in the political structures of emerging democracies. Each chapter examines the complex women, politics and media dynamic in a particular nation-state, taking into consideration the specific political, historic and social context. With 23 case studies and interviews from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Russia and the former Soviet republics, this volume will be of interest to students, media scholars and policy makers from developed and emerging democracies.
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Women Wealth And Giving

Author : Margaret May Damen
ISBN : 0470585579
Genre : Business & Economics
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Discover gender-specific tools and strategies Boom-Generation women can use to make philanthropic and charitable decisions Answering women's questions of how and why to give from the heart, Women, Wealth & Giving helps you understand the models that work best for charitable giving and how these models fit into your legacy mission, whether you've earned, inherited or married into your wealth. Women, Wealth & Giving will help you understand what models work best for charitable giving, and how to fit those models into your plans, mission, and intended legacy-whether you earned, inherited or married into wealth. This useful planning guide also Includes pertinent anecdotes, worksheets, quizzes, inspirational profiles, a resource guide, and much more Identifies gender-specific tools and strategies Boom-Generation women can use to make philanthropic and charitable decisions Provides women the means to engage their hearts as well as their minds in giving money, time, and talent away in meaningful ways With over 43 million Boom-Generation Women at or nearing the age of retirement, the American population is reaching what has been described as the great wealth transfer, and with women outliving men, or choosing to live alone, the role of women in decisions concerning philanthropic dollars will be critical to the economic, political and moral fabric of our society. Get Women, Wealth & Giving and discover the transformative power of women's philanthropy.
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Author : Billie Melman
ISBN : 9780415911139
Genre : Social Science
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Borderlines weaves together the study of gender with that of the evolution of nationalism and colonialism. Its broad, comparative perspective will rechart the war experiences and identities of women and men during this period of transformation from peace to war, and again to peace. Drawing on a wide range of materials, from government policy and propaganda to subversive trench journalism and performance, from fiction, drama and film to the record of activists in various movements and in various countries, Borderlines weaves together the study of gender with that of the evolution of nationalism and colonialism. Its broad, comparative perspective will rechart the war experiences and identities of women and men during this period of transformation from peace to war, and again to peace.
Category: Social Science

The Bite In The Apple

Author : Chrisann Brennan
ISBN : 9781250038777
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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An intimate look at the life of Steve Jobs by the mother of his first child providing rare insight into Jobs's formative, lesser-known years Steve Jobs was a remarkable man who wanted to unify the world through technology. For him, the point was to set people free with tools to explore their own unique creativity. Chrisann Brennan knows this better than anyone. She met him in high school, at a time when Jobs was passionately aware that there was something much bigger to be had out of life, and that new kinds of revelations were within reach. The Bite in the Apple is the very human tale of Jobs's ascent and the toll it took, told from the author's unique perspective as his first girlfriend, co-parent, friend, and—like many others—object of his cruelty. Brennan writes with depth and breadth, and she doesn't buy into all the hype. She talks with passion about an idealistic young man who was driven to change the world, about a young father who denied his own child, and about a man who mistook power for love. Chrisann Brennan's intimate memoir provides the reader with a human dimension to Jobs' myth. Finally, a book that reveals a more real Steve Jobs.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Spirituality In The Workplace A Philosophical And Social Justice Perspective

Author : Marilyn Y. Byrd
ISBN : 9781119356349
Genre : Education
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Missing from the discourse on spirituality are the injustices experienced in the workplace, particularly by individuals marginalized by social group identity or affiliation. This is a critical omission in that spirituality can stimulate reflection, response, healing, and transformation of the soul. Filling the gap by addressing the role of spirituality in relation to meaningful work, this volume extends ideas about teaching and learning about spirituality to workplace settings, including the transformative learning theory. In seeking ways to promote moral and socially responsible workplaces and to establish a new way of thinking, the volume lays down a philosophical framework for spirituality in the workplace as a means of emancipation and social justice, and shows how the workplace can be a fruitful context for social justice education. This is the 152nd volume of the Jossey Bass series New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Noted for its depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interest to instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in a broad range of education settings, such as colleges and universities, extension programs, businesses, libraries, and museums.
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